Paolo Guerrero and his new wink for Alianza Lima: “I would love to return. I would evaluate it”

Paolo Guerrero and his new wink for Alianza Lima (Photo: Conmebol)

Paolo Guerrero, attacker of the Peruvian team, referred to the future of his professional career, his physical recovery and again touched on the subject of a possible return to Alianza Lima. The Peruvian striker was more optimistic.

On his way out of Videna, Paolo Guerrero he expanded on the chances of returning to Lima Alliance and clarified that returning to Brazilian soccer is not a priority after the question of the Canal N journalist.

is not the priority. For example, there was a lot of talk about Alianza Lima these days. I would love to return to Alliancebut no one has contacted me. Just yesterday they asked me a question about a rapprochement with Alianza, but I have not had a rapprochement because nobody has approached me to talk to me, ”said Paolo Guerrero in statements to Canal N and reaffirmed that there are no negotiations with the blue and white club.

Paolo Guerrero He was asked about the time that his recovery would take and if it is likely that he will return to full physical fitness next March of this year.

“God willing. I am working to be there as soon as possible and I am also very concerned about defining my future. I’m preparing for that”, said the Peruvian striker and was approached with the journalist’s reply about his concern being to get a new team, to which Paolo Guerrero clarified that “I’m worried about my recovery. First I want to recover because if I don’t recover I won’t be able to play football”.

Paolo Guerrero once again referred to his possible return to Alianza Lima this 2022

Paolo Guerrero He was encouraged to answer about a hypothetical future approach by Alianza Lima to return to the club and this time he did not rule out evaluating the proposal. “Obviously, I’ve always said that. Why am I not going to evaluate it? I always analyze proposals and I will evaluate them, even more so if it is the team of my loves Alianza Lima. I can’t define anything as long as I can’t play. Why am I going to speak? Am I going to close a contract to be in physiotherapy? No. I keep training, but nobody has come close. That’s the truth. No one came to tell me something about Alianza Lima.”

The 38-year-old striker answered in the affirmative that he is seduced by playing the Copa Libertadores with Alianza Lima, but he conditioned it to his current physical condition. “Would you like me as I am? To be inside (injured). But my idea is to recover. When I am ready to play there I will decide. I don’t rule out anything. I’ve said it several times, I can’t rule anything out, but first I have to play. No one is going to hire me to be in physiotherapy.”

“I would like to play today, I want to be playing today, I would like to be playing soccer here (Videna) It is a matter of processes, I am going through a process and the one who defines it is my physiotherapist: I am doing well, calmly, I am going at a calm pace I don’t want to go fast,” said the attacker Paolo Guerrero.


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