One more client? Sister of the Nule justified payment to Mauricio Leal

Entrepreneurs Manuel, Miguel and Guido Nule, condemned for the ‘Carousel of hiring’.

A decade after the hiring carousel scandal that put businessmen Manuel, Miguel and Guido Nule in the eye of the hurricane, the surname is still synonymous with illicit activities and ill-gotten gains.

For this reason, public opinion received with suspicion the news that the name of Viviana Nule Velilla —a lawyer by profession and sister of the businessmen convicted of embezzling Bogotá—, was among the depositors to the accounts of the late hairdresser Mauricio Leal, which today are under investigation by the Attorney General’s Office for an alleged case of illicit enrichment and money laundering.

According to the report of the newspaper El Tiempo, Viviana Nule registered in her tax return the transaction to the account of the genius boy in the exogenous data box: that is, indicates the existence of a commercial transaction without detailing more information about her.

When asked about the matter, she assured that the bill —the amount of which has not been disclosed— corresponded to a routine manicure and pedicure service that she took in the famous barbershop of Mauricio Leal, where she said she was a regular customer. On the other hand, he denied having met the deceased hairdresser in person.

Finally, Mrs. Nule sand was willing to give that same information if investigators ask for your statement.

Last Tuesday, during the second hearing against him, Jhonier Leal pleaded guilty to the murder of his brother Mauricio Leal and his mother, Marleny Hernández. The aforementioned is accused by the Attorney General’s Office of the Nation for the charges of homicide aggravated by kinship, for a state of defenselessness and cruelty, and for concealment, alteration or destruction of evidence.

Now that the perpetrator of the double homicide is known, the Attorney General’s Office will try to resolve the other unknown: the true origin of Mauricio Leal’s fortune and his possible involvement in illegal activities.

No one wants to be associated with the Nule surname because of the sinister burden it carries. For example, a button: last September, the journalist and writer Patricia Lara, founder of the extinct Revista Cambio, threatened to take legal action against Andrea Nieto, a columnist for Semana, if she did not retract this trill:

“This is not what the media wants to tell. The Nule brothers were partners since 2004 of Patricia Lara in the magazine Cambio. The Nule were protagonists of the biggest corruption scandal in recent times. They stole billions of pesos.”

Likewise, the last name Nule recently sounded again due to the alleged participation of Guido Nule and Emilio Tapia in the Centros Poblados consortium, epicenter of the scandal for the advance of 70 billion pesos that the ICT Ministry delivered as part of the contract to guarantee the connection to the internet of children in remote areas of the country.

Emilio Tapia is arrested for the case, while Guido Nule’s attorney came out to defend him through a statement.

“Information circulated in the media that should be object of rejection and clarification on my part. It is stated that I participated in the structuring of the proposal that Centros Poblados presented to the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (Mintic), a TOTAL AND OPENLY FALSE statement. I have no contact with anyone directly or indirectly involved in these events.”

In the same letter, Nule asked that he not be linked to new scandals involving “people whom I had the misfortune to cross paths with at some point.”


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