Mirtha Vásquez: Repsol “has committed to delivering the cleaning and decontamination schedule”

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The Prime Minister of the State, Mirtha Vasquez, reported that the company Repsol and the Ministry of the Environment have reached a series of agreements to deal with the oil spill on the Peruvian coast. A) Yes, He pointed out that the company will deliver a cleaning and decontamination schedule and will hire the fishermen.

Regarding environmental commitments, I point out the schedule that will have to be assumed and delivered by the same company.

“The company has promised to deliver the cleaning and decontamination schedule that it must assume immediately, this schedule will be presented today”, expressed from Cavero beach, in Ventanilla, where she was accompanied by President Pedro Castillo.

On the other hand, Repsol is also “going to take some actions against its economic and social impacts caused by this disaster,” said the premier.

It has promised to incorporate and contract some sectors that are affected, such as artisanal fishermen, so that they work in the cleaning tasks. This work is going to be supervised by the state because it has to be done with safety conditions, with capacity and taking care above all of the health of the people who join these tasks”, He said.

Lastly, the premier pointed out that the monetary difficulties caused by the oil spill.

The Repsol company has promised to deliver these days baskets of basic products for families in the affected areas. On the day, we are going to go with the company coordinating some complementary actions”, he added.

This announcement is the one that aroused the greatest discontent among the public present.

At the beginning of her speech, the prime minister pointed out that a crisis committee that would be in charge of all the management to overcome the ecological disaster.


The premier Mirtha Vásquez also explained that today an agreement has been reached with the United Nations for the government to receive advice and help to cope with these environmental disasters.

“Today a very important commitment has been achieved with the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs who is sending a team of experts on environmental disasters to assume a task of free advice to the Peruvian State with professionals who can provide very quick and concrete solutions to this disaster”, he expressed.

Thus, he also clarified that they will continue working with the different sectors, municipalities and regional governments, and “universities that have committed their experts to the service of this work”. He particularly thanked the Agrarian University and the National Engineering University (UNI).


Mirtha Vásquez acknowledged and welcomed the work of the volunteers who have come to the place to help clean the beaches and help the animals that are also affected by the spill. But nevertheless, stressed that it is important to take care of your health, for which he asked them to communicate with the Ministry of the Environment in case they wish to do this type of volunteering.

“We are talking about highly risky material, hydrocarbons. Contact with them can expose the health of the population. Because We ask all the people who want to voluntarily collaborate, to have a contact with the Ministry of the Environment, who will organize the volunteer teams. so that they intervene safely, with protection and to give them the appropriate mechanisms so that they can work”, he expressed.

Likewise, he ended his speech by highlighting the Government’s commitment to the case so that those responsible do not go unpunished.

The State is committed to not letting this environmental crime go unpunished. (…) The first task is cleaning and mitigation, but we will also work on the issue of responsibilities”, he concluded.


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