Ministry of Labor and Police raid Hyundai Industrial Development Headquarters

The Ministry of Employment and Labor and the police are conducting an investigation in earnest, including a search and seizure of the HDC Hyundai Industrial Development headquarters in relation to the collapse of the I-Park apartment complex in Gwangju.

According to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the investigation headquarters of the Gwangju Police Agency and the Gwangju Regional Employment and Labor Office conducted a raid on the headquarters of Hyundai Development Company in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 19th. It has been 9 days since the accident. A total of 14 people were involved in the search and seizure, but there were 8 labor inspectors from the Ministry of Labor, more than the police. They are known to have secured construction-related documents such as apartment design and safety management.

The Ministry of Labor and the police are focusing their investigative powers to find out whether Hyundai Development Company and its subcontractors have violated the Occupational Safety and Health Act. A total of 10 people have been charged, including the manager of the Hyundai Industrial Development field office, the safety manager, and the field manager and supervisor of the contractor in charge of the rebar and concrete process. Since the 12th, the police have seized and searched three subcontractors, including rebar and concrete companies, the Hyundai Industrial Development site office, the supervision office, and 17 ready-mixed concrete suppliers that supplied cement at the construction site. Separately, the Gwangju Labor Office charged the head of safety and health at Hyundai Industrial Development and the site manager of a concrete company for violating the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

From the 17th, the Ministry of Labor has been conducting special labor supervision by putting in a supervisory team of 10 or more at each of the 12 large-scale sites under construction by Hyundai Development Company. Administrative and judicial action will be taken if any violations of the law are found by conducting intensive supervision for at least five days and intensively investigating whether the construction plan has been complied with and whether the strength of the concrete has been confirmed after pouring.

As a result of this accident, around 3:46 pm on the 11th, the I’Park Apartment Building 201 under construction in Hwajeong-dong, Gwangju by Hyundai Development Company collapsed from the 38th to the 23rd floor, leaving six construction workers missing. One of them was found dead, and rescue operations are underway to search for the other five.

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