Medellín: man who masturbated in a subway car is wanted with cameras

Stock image. These are the schedule changes that the Medellin Metro will have during this December 24. Photo: Medellin Metro

A disgusting case of sexual abuse was captured on video this Thursday morning in a Medellín Metro car that covered route A from Niquía to La Estrella. According to the person who recorded the incident, the events took place between seven and eight in the morning, between the Ayura and Envigado stations.

The person who recorded the video was interviewed on the newscast of the regional channel Telemedellín. In his statements, he assured that the car he was in was too full until they reached Ayurá and some passengers got off. At that moment he noticed the situation.

When I got to the Ayurá station, which already had more space, I realized that there was a man on top of a woman. When I got a good look at him, I realized that he was covering one side with a jacket and was showing his member, rubbing it, putting it on top of the lady behind, on the hip. Most likely she did not notice, or if she did, her reaction as a victim was to be shocked.

According to Adriana María Sánchez, head of social management of the Medellín Metro, the victim of this situation of harassment has not filed a complaint yet, which is essential for the harasser to answer for the fact. Like the rest of Medellín, the system’s directors found out about the disgusting fact through social networks.

In the statements that Sánchez gave to RCN Radio, he recommended following the protocol established by the Metro for situations like this: those who are victims or witnesses of a situation of sexual harassment inside the carriages must press the red button, which will cause a Police officer and system personnel to board the car at the next station. Once there, they will take the complaint and take the corresponding corrective actions.

At the time of witnessing a situation of harassment within the system, let’s also close the button, let’s get to the station staff and report that this type of event is taking place so that we can also pay attention to it. Being supportive, being empathetic is important to be able to live in harmony. We are part of a society in which multiple situations arise and caring for the other is important.

Some users of social networks accuse the person who recorded the viral video of being an accomplice and morbid, since presumably chose to record before dealing with the problem or activating the protocol. This was defended in the interview for Telemedellín. He assured that he was also shocked and that he preferred to create evidence so that they would believe him, because he considered that the testimony of the victims is not usually enough.

I consider that (recording) was very useful because now a situation that is very recurrent can be visualized more and that even more attention can be paid to it. (…) A silence or standing still is not allowing; but to visualize the problem, find the harasser, identify him and create effective methods or solutions for the victim. I hope that this, more than a way of blaming how people react or not, is a way of visualizing the problem, of motivating the complaint and of motivating a real solution for people who suffer harassment.

After hearing about the case, the management of the Medellín Metro assured that they are trying to identify the person who committed the attack through security cameras and records of the personalized Civic card that he could use to enter the system.


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