Massacre in Santo Domingo, Antioquia: millionaire reward offered for those responsible for the act

They offer reward for those responsible for the massacre in Santo Domingo, Antioquia

This Wednesday, January 19, an extraordinary security council was held in Santo Domingo, Antioquia, to establish the strategy to be implemented in order to clarify the recent massacre that occurred in that municipality.

Local authorities, the Security and Justice Secretariat of Antioquia, the Police of that department and the National Army participated in the meeting.

“#AEstaHora accompanied by @SeguridadAnt @Ejercito_Div7 and local authorities, we held an extraordinary security council in #SantoDomingo, where we verified the public order situation presented in the municipality,” said Colonel Daniel Horacio Mazo Cardona, commander of the Antioquia Police .

During the security council it was reported that an elite group of investigators from the capital of the country, came to that municipality to carry out the respective tasks with which they seek to clarify the crime.

In addition, it was concluded to offer a reward of up to 20 million pesos for information that allows the identification, location, capture and prosecution of those responsible for the massacre in Santo Domingo, Antioquia.

“On behalf of the Government, a reward of up to 20 million pesos is given to whoever gives us information that allows us to find those responsible for this act,” said Colonel Daniel Horacio Mazo Cardona.

Due to the fear generated in the community as a result of this event, the authorities began to carry out mixed patrols between members of the Police and the National Army.

Likewise, drones and a National Police helicopter are used to advance the search for those responsible for this event.

It should be remembered that, This is the first massacre in Antioquia in the corridos of 2022 and the seventh in the entire national territory.

Massacre in Santo Domingo leaves four fatalities

The incident occurred last Tuesday, January 18, in the municipality located in the northeast of the department. Highly armed individuals killed three men and one woman.

The massacre occurred exactly in the village of Las Beatrices in the Botero corregimiento, which is located approximately one hour from the urban center of Santo Domingo, Antioquia.

According to several media outlets, the victims were identified as María Belén Agudelo, 20, Luis Miguel Gómez, 26, Víctor Alfonso Gómez, 50, and Andrés Felipe Ochoa, 29.

Although the massacre apparently occurred in the early hours of the morning, it was not until three in the afternoon that the authorities arrived at the house whose entrance door was broken into. According to the first versions, one of the bodies was found in the living room and the other three were in one of the rooms of the building.

So far it is unknown if the victims of this event had any threat against them. What is certain is that the Clan del Golfo, the ELN and local criminal groups such as the so-called ‘El Mesa’ operate in that area of ​​the country.

It should be remembered that during the previous year, at least 92 massacres were registered in Colombia, according to figures from the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz).


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