Man was killed after being accused of raping a minor

Outrage gripped the community of Cartagena del Chairá, department of Caquetá, after a man was accused of raping a minor. It was not enough for a crowd of people driven by anger to chase the subject for several blocks and later, with a knife, the life of the accused will end.

According to the newspaper La Libertad, It was learned that the alleged abuser was chased for several blocks and sought refuge in the municipal fire station facilities, but there a woman attacked him with a knife while the community shouted and claimed that he had abused a minor.

Local authorities arrived at the scene and proceeded to arrest María Isabel Muñetón, accused of stabbing the accused, in addition to two others involved who will be prosecuted for intentional homicide.

We started looking for the people who had participated in these events, achieving the capture of Mrs. María Isabel Muñetón González and the prosecution of two more people “Major Andrés Zuluaga, commander of the municipality’s police station, told Snail News.

For his part, Edilberto Molina, mayor of Cartagena del Chairá, stated: “We emphatically reject any act of justice by one’s own hand. We invite you to always trust the institutions. Cartagena del Chairá has all the channels so that the community can report and thus the competent authorities can do their jobs.”

It is not the only fact in the country that reveals the distrust of people in the authorities and the violent reaction of the communities in the face of serious accusations, Well, on January 17 in Bogotá it was reported that residents of the Lucero Alto neighborhood, a town in Ciudad Bolívar, evidenced that several application drivers caught a thief and beat him, at the same time, several citizens began to insult him and began to take away his clothing.

According to the drivers, the criminal would have requested the transportation service from the north of Bogotá and his destination was the south, there with two other people, he intended to steal the driver’s car and the produce from it. The videos of the attack were shared through social networks, where the detained criminal is seen, without clothing from the waist down and totally beaten.

The thief’s accomplices escaped when they realized that the man had been captured and the plan had been damaged. In front of the event, the Police arrived at the place and after seeing the scene they asked the citizens to stop taking the punishments on their own, since due process is to be able to speak with the authorities before any attack. However, the drivers reported that this is not the first time something like this has happened and the authorities have not helped in the security or capture process.

It must be remembered that despite the fact that indignation and the lack of guarantees make people want to seek justice in multiple ways, according to the criminal code, whoever attempts against the life of another person or ends with it regardless of the accusation rest, will be prosecuted.


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