Malambo completed 2 days without water due to pipe damage

There are 23 thousand people affected by a suspension in the water service in Malambo

A leak in the 24-inch fiberglass pipe that is submerged in the swampy complex located near Malambo waters, forced the company to suspend service to the municipality of Malambo.

Yajaira Solano, manager in charge of Aguas de Malambo, reported that the repairs to said leak could take between two to three days: “Due to the situation of the land and due to the work of replacing approximately seven meters of 24-inch pipe, this implies activities that can take us from two to three days to solve it”.

He justified the extended suspension of the service to the entire municipality for “the complexity of the damage identified and the possible consequences that this can have on the stability of the network”.

However, the company announced the activation of a contingency plan to provide the liquid to the Malambeño community: In the next few hours, it will hire a tank truck company to guarantee the distribution of the vital minimum to the 23,000 inhabitants of the municipality.

During the repair time, Aguas de Malambo will deliver a schedule of attention to the population where the tank trucks will be supplying drinking water to the community in order to mitigate the crisis.

Victor Garcia, technical manager of Aguas de Malambo, highlighted the importance of the repairs that the company carries out on said pipe: “Is pertinent that the work be very thorough so that in the future we are not affected”.

The community has raised its voice in protest against the ruling that afflicts Malambo. For Jorge Arias, community leader of the El Concorde neighborhood, he demanded that Aguas de Malambo “comply with this plan because we are in In the midst of a pandemic, it is important to have the precious liquid for our health and in general for all the tasks that are needed in the community.”.

The municipality, thirty minutes from Barranquilla, was the protagonist of a security event at the end of 2021: Eight men who were traveling on a motorcycle were in charge of taking the money from a valuables car that was traveling towards the metropolitan area of ​​the capital. of the Atlantic.

the event occurred at the gas station located in the La Luna sector, in Malambo. In that place the stock car loaded with a large sum of money was parked.

“There was an exchange of gunfire. The escorts fired, but the assailants were more and that is why they managed to intimidate them. All of this happened in a matter of seconds.” a witness told the local outlet El Heraldo.

According to the station Blue Radio, the amount of money that the criminals took would amount to 325 million pesos.

In addition, The authorities announced that they are carrying out the corresponding investigations to find the whereabouts of the criminals who took the millionaire sum of money.

At the moment the officials would be collecting evidence around the recordings of the security cameras in the sector to identify the thieves.


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