“Her little body was boiling”: the firefighter who rescued a boy from a house surrounded by flames and saved his life

Roxana Gutiérrez rescued the 2-year-old boy from dying in a fierce fire that broke out last Sunday (@elMatiideLavalle)

“Help me, help me! My 2-year-old is inside!” asked between sobs an almost fainted woman, leaning against a post and with traces of soot on her skin. Desperate, she extended her arm and pointed to the house surrounded by fire in the field where the firefighters Roxana Gutierrez and “Tono” Lugo They were trying to put out a field fire.

“I did not hesitate for a second to enter the house. When I saw the baby, I swear to God, I thought he was dead.”, the volunteer firefighter told a local radio. And still dismayed, she said that the boy was on the bed, unconscious and wrapped in a wet towel.

His little body boiled! I picked him up and asked my partner to take off his sleeve to go straight to the hospital because we had no signal and we couldn’t communicate with anyone,” he said. Mother and son were transferred to the emergency service of the local hospital.

Desperation took over the firefighters while the woman did not stop crying because the minutes passed and the little boy was still unconscious. In the middle of that dramatic scene, the miracle: the child began to cry. “Just then we felt calm because we saw that at least he had reacted”she said excitedly.

The two remained under medical care and firefighters returned to the field to quell the sinister that continued.

The images of the fire in Paraje La Bolsa taken by a neighbor (@elMatiideLavalle)
The images of the fire in Paraje La Bolsa taken by a neighbor (@elMatiideLavalle)

Roxana recounted what she experienced: “They never told us that there was a child and a lady inside the house. I asked the owner of the field if there was anyone and he said no. The house was surrounded by flames, but we managed to control the fire there. We decided to go to the field to continue putting out the fire and we recharged the unit, at that moment I saw the woman”.

Without hiding her emotion, she regretted not having had time to ask the mother her name or the name of the child, and now not being able to know how they are doing. “We only think of saving them and we act with speed.”

Excited, she concluded: “It will be a matter of age, but both my partner and I are a little old and we left the hospital crying. When we had to act, we acted with a cold mind, as if nothing was happening there; but later what happened hit us very badly. We kept putting out the fire and we couldn’t get out of the situation with this baby and the mother.”

Another of the dramatic postcards of the fire in Corrientes (@elMatiideLavalle)
Another of the dramatic postcards of the fire in Corrientes (@elMatiideLavalle)

Corrientes, hit by forest fires

According to the daily report of the National Fire Management Service (SNMF), the fire in the department of Ituzaingó, in Corrientes, remained active, while Santo Tomé I was controlled and Santo Tomé II was contained.

On Wednesday morning, the governor of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdes, led a meeting with different areas due to the forest fires that affect the province simultaneously and at different points. “It requires coordinated actions in such a way that efficient and immediate responses are provided”, he said and assured that the provincial government is ”working to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the active foci and projections”.

For his part, the Fire Chief of Lavalle, Hector Enriquez, referred to the cause of the fires on Radio Signo: “70% are intentional, people who set fire to the field or burn garbage and then when the flames get out of hand, they call us,” even when the improper burning of a field is prohibited by law.

Added to this situation is the aggravating circumstance of the cases of COVID-19 in the barracks, which these days works with reduced personnel.


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