Hacker attack on the International Red Cross

Status: 01/20/2022 09:20 a.m

It is data about refugees or missing persons: In a cyber attack on the International Red Cross, hackers captured more than 500,000 pieces of information about those in special need of protection.

Unknown hackers have attacked the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). In doing so, they captured the data of more than 515,000 particularly vulnerable people, as the organization announced. These include “people who have been separated from their families due to conflict, migration and disasters, missing persons and their families and people in detention”. The attack was discovered “this week” and it is unclear who was behind it.

The hackers were targeting an external company in Switzerland that was storing data on behalf of the ICRC. These come from around 60 national Red Cross and Red Crescent agencies. The ICRC’s most pressing concern now is that this information could be made public or misused. This makes the anguish and suffering of the families even more unbearable and poses an even greater risk for vulnerable people. However, so far there is no evidence that the data has become public, the organization said.

“We are appalled and perplexed that this humanitarian information has been attacked and exposed,” said ICRC Director-General Robert Mardini. He appealed to the hackers not to pass on the data.

With information from Kathrin Hondl, ARD-Studio Geneva

Cyber ​​attack on International Red Cross

Kathrin Hondl, ARD Geneva, January 20, 2022 08:49 a.m


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