Habacilar: Nicola Porcella, Yaco Eskenazi, Andrés Wiese and other possible drivers for the new season

To date, it is not known who will be the new hosts of Esto es Habacilar. (Photo: Composition)

Habacilar returns to the small screen this Monday, January 24. According to the last promotional video launched by America Television, the program that was hosted by Raul Romero will merge with This is war. If so, who will be the new drivers?

The game show that became a hit in the 2000s returns with a new season, called This is Habacilar. Apparently, it will be made up of some reality guys, like Luciana Fuster, Ignacio Baladán, Paloma Fiuza, Korina Rivadeneira, among others.

Although so far it has not been confirmed if the warriors will accompany the remembered models Tracy Freundt and Thalia EstabridisMuch has been speculated about the figures that will be in charge of hosting the program. And it is that in the promotional advance, it is clarified that there will be two presenters and that it is quite obvious who they are.

Although the public cheers for the presence of Raul Romero in the return of Habacilar, the popular ‘Cara de haba’ has made it clear that It is not in his plans to return to television, since he is focused on his emotional career. Y Roger of the Eagle? Although he has left mysterious messages on networks, his presence has not yet been confirmed.


After seeing the official preview, the drivers of On everyone’s lips began to speculate about possible new drivers for the summer season of Habacilar, now called This is Habacilar. Tula Rodríguez indicated that Johanna San Miguel, who is on vacation in Máncora, could be the presenter.

“The beautiful girl is starting to tan her flesh and get richer so that when she comes, on January 24, she will be renewed,” expressed the remembered “Peludita” in the program.

For his part, Ricardo Rondón indicated that Andrés Wiese Y Maria Pia CopellThe could also appear next Monday as the new drivers of Habacilar. “It would be a bomb, something super new”, commented.

Gino Pessaresi noted that, taking into account that Habacilar will merge with this is wara, there is a great possibility that Nicola Porcella and Yaco Eskenazi are in charge of driving. “Oh coincidence, Nicola is no longer in Mexico and now she is in Peru”, He said.

Finally, Tula Rodríguez tried one more time and speculated that Michelle Soifer and Rafael Cardozo, who debuted as hosts in Latina and have now returned to América TV, could be the new tailgaters.

The hosts of En Boca de Todos speculated about the possible new hosts of Habacilar.


On another occasion, the presenters of En Boca de Todos launched more options that could be the next hosts of Habacilar. Options include Katia Palma, Carlos ‘Tomate’ Barraza and Carlos Carlín.

‘Margaracha’, who was part of Habacilar’s production team in the past, listened carefully to all these names and revealed that the speculations were not far from reality. What he wanted to say?


Habacilar was at the time the favorite program of viewers. It was characterized by being focused on the youth audience, mainly students from academies and universities. In addition, it had different games, whose participants were called the ‘academics’.

Under the direction of Raúl Romero and the animation of beautiful models, Habacilar began the first years on television with a good rating. However, after being live for more than a decade, Habacilar ended up going off the air in July 2011.

Although the reason for its cancellation was not specified, It is believed that it was due to the low rating and the good reception that El Último Pasajero had, from Frequencia Latina (now Latina)., which was focused on giving fifth-year high school students the dream promotion trip.


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