Fresnillo: in the midst of disputes between the CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel, insecurity increased

The governor’s brother said that insecurity is a challenge in Fresnillo (Photo: REUTERS/Guillermo Moreno)

In the middle of the narcoguerra and despite the operations in Zacatecas, Fresnillo was ranked as the municipality with the highest perception of insecurity in the country, according to 96.85% of those surveyed for National Institute of Statistic and Geography (Inegi).

People aged 18 and over who were consulted about the situation in their city answered that the mayor’s office is insecure and even when located in indices of the 94.3% in data from the third quarter of 2021, for December of the same year there was a 2.6 percent rebound. With this, they surpassed what was registered in June of last year, when the figure was 96.2% of affirmations.

Frenillo repeated again in the ominous list of National Survey of Urban Public Security (ENSU) and has established itself as a focus of violence due to the dispute between the Opertiva MZ with cells sent by the CJNG in that municipality, in addition to the rest of the border with San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, Durango Y Jalisco.

On November 25 began the Operation Zacatecas II, where the Secretary of National Defense ensured the deployment of 3,848 security agents. From them, 1,940 were sent to the downtown area that includes Fresnillo, as well as 12 other municipalities, as they make up the industrial and commercial part.

Saul Monreal Avila, municipal president of Fresnille, considered that the perception of its inhabitants is a challenge that must be faced by the three levels of government. Too questioned the survey procedure without denying that it is real, in something that he has reiterated on several occasions.

The violence has escalated since the end of 2020 (PHOTO: GENARO NATERA /CUARTOSCURO.COM)
The violence has escalated since the end of 2020 (PHOTO: GENARO NATERA /CUARTOSCURO.COM)

“We have to go hand in hand, we have to promote, we have to remove that bad perception”, he mentioned in the absence of the Federal Secretariats of Culture and Tourism to change the image of the area.

The morenista mayor, brother of the governor David Monreal, assured that in Frenillo there has been one 45% decrease in homicides with respect to previous periods, but without specifying the dates.

The people of Fresnillo feel insecure and we do not need surveys, I have said it, it is not the first time, now with this survey what was said by your server is reaffirmed”, he said in a morning conference.

Almost every day there are murders in the demarcation. Whether against police officers, supposed rivals of the CJNG or of Sinaloa Cartel, in addition to people who are deprived of liberty and later have appeared with drug messages or hanged on bridges.

It is the citizen feeling, I have insisted, it is a great challenge, I wish that the three levels of government do the same to reduce these levels of perception

The two cartels began their dispute at the end of 2019, but intensified it in 2020 (Photo: File)
The two cartels began their dispute at the end of 2019, but intensified it in 2020 (Photo: File)

“Society is at that stage from what you see, high-impact crimes have hit us and I believe that both the federal government and the state government must, together, remove that perception”, insisted Saúl Monreal.

the Fresnillenses feel insecure at ATMs, public transport Y when going to the bank, 85.6% of those surveyed also said they are afraid. Your expectations are that the situation will remain the same or will worsen.

Curiously, robberies or assaults were only noted by 42 percent. The vandalism were in 33.8%, while the sale and consumption of drugs they heard the 20.9% and only the 3.2% of those who responded stated data of a member of their household as a victim in assault on transport. On the theft of hydrocarbons and electricity there were no major reports.

But of all the municipalities in the country, they were located in first place in which the population identified frequent shots with firearms around their home, with the 78.1 percent.

In addition, 75.8% of people fear carrying valuables, as they could be victims of crime. And also, in the first position, 79.1% changed their habit by walking at night close to home, added to the fact that 84.7% would not allow minors to leave where they live.

Saúl Monreal said that the survey reaffirms that Fresnillo is experiencing a complex situation (Photo: Facebook: Saúl Monreal Ávila)
Saúl Monreal said that the survey reaffirms that Fresnillo is experiencing a complex situation (Photo: Facebook: Saúl Monreal Ávila)

The 72.1% of Fresnillenses think to visit a friend or relative, because criminals besiege. About the Navy Navy of Mexico 62.5% considered their performance effective, of army the percentage barely increased to 56, from National Guard 44.2%, and from the state police even less, with 27.2%, so up to the figures of 23.2% that they considered good work of the municipal agents.

But nevertheless, the battle of the CJNG against the Sinaloa Cartel is not limited to Fresnillo, since other confrontations have been registered in the state capital, since last January 6 they were 10 corpses abandoned in front of the governor’s offices. More fighting and raids were recorded in Valparaiso, Loreto, pins, Calera The Guadalupe.

In the In the city of Zacatecas, the increase in the perception of insecurity was 89.4%, when in September 2021 the data reached 86.1% and last June, the figure was lower, with 81 percent.


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