Four Knights Templar were arrested for the murder of a Navy Lieutenant in Morelia

Photo: SSyPC

After the assassination of Lieutenant from Marina Victor Manuel J., in the capital of Michoacán, the authorities arrested four subjects who would be linked to a cell of the Knights Templar.

The agent was shot while passing through Morelia on January 3 in Morelia, hence an operation was deployed to find the capture of Jeivani “N”, the John, as well as Israel “N” and Víctor Manuel “N”, the Hands. Among them would be the material murderer. All were arrested while trying to escape in a vehicle.

A second action also took place in which Efraín “N”, the Huarache, who would be in charge of providing weapons to the Knights Templar for assassinations in the central region of Michoacán.

“The suspects belong to a criminal cell belonging to the Knights Templar, and are linked to different investigation folders for homicides,” said the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection on January 20.

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