Fires in Corrientes: 6,000 hectares were burned and the provincial government will declare an emergency

More fire and smoke in Corrientes

This Wednesday, the Government of Corrientes announced that an emergency will be declared due to forest and rural fires in the province. there the fire devastated 6 thousand hectares of implanted forests and firefighters work marathon days to try to put out the flames.

The decision was made by Governor Gustavo Valdés, after a meeting with ministers from the portfolios involved. In that meeting, the president maintained that the fire is affecting “simultaneously different points of Corrientes” and that for this reason “coordinated actions are required in such a way that efficient and immediate responses are provided”. Also that “work is being done to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the active sources and projections”.

He also added that “The Government of Corrientes, in addition to the Police and Fire Department, is committed, with personnel, equipment and resources, both to combat and prevent fire that harms people, fauna, flora, goods, productive areas and native forests” and indicated, according to the newspaper The Coast, that “It is also fundamental, the collaboration of all “.

Yesterday the same media outlet had warned about a fire in the southwestern area of ​​the capital of Corrientes that threatened the homes of residents, but managed to be controlled hours later near two service stations in the Pirayuí neighborhood.

About the forest fires, the Ministry of Production of Corrientes relieved from last December 15 to last January 18, “11 incidents that affected a total of 6,080 hectares of planted forests”, describes the text of a government report to which the news agency Telam had access. Different power and water cuts during the last days complicated the actions of the teams.

6,080 hectares of implanted forests affected in Corrientes
6,080 hectares of implanted forests affected in Corrientes

In the analyzed period, aggravating conditions were recorded in the meteorological conditions with extreme temperatures, the lack of rain for about three weeks strong winds from the north and northeast, that “have aggravated the increase in the different sources of fire that occurred throughout the province,” says the document.

Regarding the affectation of afforestation, from the same area a comparative balance was formulated with previous years and specified that “In all of 2020 we had a historical record, since around 22,500 hectares were affected and in 2021 the accumulated throughout the year was for the 8,000 affected hectares.

The fires have multiplied in recent months. On January 11 last, a fire that affected 600 hectares of the Iberá provincial park was controlled hours later in the vicinity of the Corrientes town of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, located 363 km southeast of the city of Corrientes, where it is suspected that the origin of the fire was a burning of garbage.

The provincial director of Civil Defense of Corrientes, Eulogy Marquez said “The fire affected an area of ​​600 hectares and the first job that was done was to prevent the flames from reaching the town.”

Corrientes also suffers from the fire (@alejduete)
Corrientes also suffers from the fire (@alejduete)

To douse the flames Personnel from the Provincial Parks Directorate, the National Parks Administration with a hydrant truck, the police and volunteers from the municipality of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, with the collaboration of Civil Defense, intervened.

The accident began in an area bordering the town. and according to one version it was due to a uncontrolled burning of garbage and in that sense, the province will send experts to corroborate the version. The fire reached a sector of fields that surround Laguna Iberá, main access portal to the estuaries, they specified.


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