Financial union decides to “support Jae-myung Lee”

The financial union (chaired by Park Hong-bae) has decided to support Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

On the afternoon of the 20th, the union held a regular national delegates meeting at the Federation of Banks in Jung-gu, Seoul and confirmed the policy of the 20th presidential election as follows. Soon, he plans to meet with Lee Jae-myung and make an official declaration of support.

The union decided on the same day, “We will realize a great transition to a society that respects labor through participation in the founding of the Democratic United Party in 2011 and support of candidate Lee Jae-myung, who has maintained solidarity with policy since the 2017 presidential election.” Of the 342 delegates, 272 participated and 253 voted in favor. The opposite is 19 votes.

The union evaluated its will to maintain the total employment of financial workers in an era of accelerating digital transformation based on the decision criteria for this presidential election. It was questioned whether or not to support a just transformation of financial workers by stopping regulatory policies biased towards ICT companies and guaranteeing the autonomy of the financial industry.

The union held three branch representative meetings from last month to this month, and held the Central Committee to finalize the agenda for the presidential election. In the process, questionnaires were sent and a meeting was held to check the labor policies and views of the presidential candidates. By synthesizing the contents of the meeting and responses, it was concluded that candidates with anti-labor and pro-capital sentiments could not be supported.

Chairman Park Hong-bae said, “This agenda item has been passed through several meetings and even voted by the Central Committee,” he said.

On that day, the union presented a plaque of merit to 11 branch chairpersons and union executives who were completing their tenures, including Jang Uk-jin and Bae Jong-gwan, Bae Jang-hyeok, head of the Education and Women’s Culture Division, and Kim Jae-beom, chairman of the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund branch. Chairman Kim Jae-beom was newly elected as the union vice chairman along with Shin Hyun-ho, chairman of the Export-Import Bank of Korea branch of the union.

At the delegate meeting that day, officials from each party who were conscious of the union’s decision on the election policy were present and attracted attention. Kim Joo-young, Min Byeong-deok, Park Yong-jin, Oh Young-hoon, as well as Democratic Party lawmakers and People’s Strength lawmakers Kim Hyung-dong visited the venue to appeal for support for the election.

Kim Dong-myeong, chairman of the Korea Federation of Trade Unions, delivered a congratulatory speech, saying, “It is time for the election to select a political force that will overcome various crises including COVID-19 and climate crisis. I am convinced of the leading role of the union in

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