Employee charged with forgery of Paris Baguette withdrawal letter sent to prosecutors

▲ Material photo Chemical Fiber Food Union

A Paris Baguette middle manager has been sent to the prosecution on charges of forging the union resignation letter of a member of the Paris Baguette branch (Chairman Jong-rin Lim) of the chemical fiber food union.

According to the union on the 19th, the Seongnam Jungwon Police Station notified the branch president Lim Jong-rin that it had sent Mr. A, the middle manager of the Phoebe Partners, to the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office on the 10th with an opinion of indictment. Phoebe Partners is a subsidiary of Paris Croissant that operates Paris Baguette, and the bakers belong to it.

In August last year, Chairman Lim filed a complaint with the Incheon West Police Station that middle managers of Phoebe Partners forged the union resignation form. At that time, Chairman Lim realized that the resignation letter was forged while responding to a member’s inquiry that “union union fees are not being deducted.” The member submitted a resignation letter to the branch at the end of July last year. A resignation letter that he did not write was submitted to the branch without his knowledge.

The union pointed out, “The middle manager sent to the prosecution is affiliated with Paris Baguette’s Seoul Northern Division,” and pointed out that “the union has exposed (the suspicion of union destruction) based on the informant’s testimony.”

The controversy over unfair labor practices by Phoebe Partners has been ongoing since July last year. Based on the testimony of the informant who had worked as a middle manager, the branch claimed that the company was pushing the middle manager to leave the branch. Union members who submitted a resignation letter also testified that they were persuaded and pressured by middle managers to leave the branch. In the end, the branch membership, which had more than 700 members, has shrunk to a third of the current level.

Kim Jae-min, a certified labor consultant who works for the SPC Paris Baguette Citizens’ Countermeasures Committee, said, “There has been a wide range of union withdrawals in a short period of time.” The union said, “Last August, the police and the Ministry of Employment and Labor called for a search and seizure, but the investigation was only slow. emphasized.


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