Emin calls for “more compassion” from the Johnson government and no more party atmosphere

London, Jan 20 (EFE).- Artist Tracey Emin said Thursday that Boris Johnson’s government needs “more compassion” and not a “festive atmosphere” when explaining why she has asked Downing Street to remove a work she donated, in protest at the parties organized by this Executive during confinement. Emin revealed yesterday that he has asked the prime minister’s official residence to withdraw a neon piece, “More Passion”, which he gave to the Government Art Collection in 2011, when David Cameron, also a conservative, was in charge, arguing that “the current situation is shameful”. In statements made today to the British radio station BBC Radio 4, the 58-year-old artist said that she rejects that the fluorescent lighting in her work, often associated with a festive atmosphere, is related to a place where parties had been held for a confinement, while the rest of the citizens complied with the restrictions by covid-19. “I don’t want it back because I donated it. I just wish it would be removed for now, because neon is notoriously associated with a party atmosphere. You have it at fairs, in casinos, in bars… The truth is, I don’t think that at 10 Downing Street they need to be encouraged in this regard,” he said. He also felt that the Cameron Executive had “a very different attitude towards art and contemporary art”. “I want them to withdraw it and this government needs compassion, not passion (alluding to the name of his work). They don’t need more festive atmosphere,” he explained. Emin recalled that most citizens obey the rules every day because this pandemic “has affected everyone terribly, well financially, in health, people have died.” “And this government doesn’t seem to care”” The artist made her decision known this Wednesday in a message posted on her Instagram account, where she wrote: “This is my neon piece that hangs at 10 Downing Street. It was a gift I made to the Government Art Collection. I am now in the process of requesting that my work be withdrawn.” He added that “More Passion (Más Pasión)” is “the last thing this government needs” and said that “the current situation is shameful”. In the past, Emin generated a stir in the art world when she declared herself a Conservative voter, although she later criticized Cameron for having called a referendum to leave the European Union (EU).


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