Despite the high number of infections, France is relaxing the corona rules for vaccinated people

As of: 01/20/2022 9:37 p.m

Capacity restrictions for sports and cultural facilities are no longer applicable, as are mask rules outdoors. France relaxes its corona rules. For the unvaccinated, however, it becomes more difficult.

Anyone who is not fully immunized will no longer have access to restaurants, cultural institutions, sporting events and long-distance transport from Monday. This was announced by France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex. For all people over the age of 16, full vaccination is a prerequisite for unrestricted participation in public life. However, anyone who decides to have their first vaccination by mid-February should be temporarily admitted with an additional negative test.

For vaccinated people, on the other hand, many corona rules are no longer applicable. As many people will then be able to come to sporting or cultural events as before the pandemic, and there will be no mask regulations outdoors. Discotheques and clubs should be allowed to open again in mid-February, and eating and drinking on trains will also be allowed again. And the home office requirement becomes a recommendation.

Castex plans to relax mask and testing rules in schools.


Vaccination rate in adults at 93 percent

In France, about 93 percent of all adults are vaccinated, according to the prime minister. After tough 2G rules were announced, a million people would have opted for immunization.

Castex also wants to relax the mask and test rules in schools. These are cumbersome, he said, but they have made it possible to keep schools open with only a few closed classes.

The application of the 2G regulation has a legal basis until July. However, as soon as the situation eases and fewer new corona patients come to the clinics, these regulations should be lifted, according to Castex.

France’s prime minister announces corona easing from the beginning of February

Stefanie Markert, ARD Paris, 20.1.2022 ยท 21:20

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