Another winter storm will affect about 60 million Americans

Snow in Ohio (REUTERS/Megan Jelinger)

Snow, ice and subzero temperatures. That’s the picture across most of the United States this frigid January. A new cold front is expected from today until Saturday, generating intense snowfalls and very low temperatures. The passage of this winter phenomenon will be in a territory where at least 60 million people live.

The arrival of an icy air mass from the arctic is going to generate a new winter storm that will go from Texas and the Carolinas, in the south of the country, to the extreme northeast of the nation, having its peak of cold and snowfall between Friday And the saturday. This extensive area of ​​freezing precipitation, with a lot of snow and strong winds, can create dangerous conditions for those who decide to travel”, indicated in a statement the national weather service of the United States.

Although this great snowfall that is expected is news in itself, the panorama takes on a different color when it is taken into account that this same vast region of the country has been hit hard by snow storms for the past three weeks, sometimes generating a snow accumulation of more than a foot in areas where it traditionally does not snow.

There are snowstorm alerts in various regions affecting 30 million residents today, a figure that doubles if the weather conditions expected for Friday and Saturday between the south and east of the country are considered. From Baltimore to Philadelphia to New York to Washington DC, all of these major cities are within the cone of this new winter storm.

The lowest temperatures so far this winter are expected to be reached on Thursday night. In the city of Washington tonight the forecast is seven degrees below zero centigrade. In New York’s Central Park, the forecast is minus 10 degrees.

In cities like Buffalo, Nashville, Asheville Pittsburg y Charlotte, the warning is also of strong winds. Flight cancellations are expected as a result of this phenomenon. In the state of New Jersey The authorities declared an emergency due to the storm and are waiting for a lot of snow to accumulate in the next few hours.

On the outskirts of the country’s capital, in the areas of Arlington y Fairfax, in Virginia, already announced that due to this snow storm Classes will be suspended in public schools tomorrow, Friday.

The forecast indicates that there will be low pressure waves moving along with the storm, from the Ohio Valley to the Atlantic, generating a winter combo of a lot of snow and ice in regions where these phenomena do not usually occur, such as in the state of Texas.

For much of the northeast of the country, 2022 has been a series of snowstorms that led to the cancellation of classes for up to a week in some areas. Last weekend there were heavy snowfalls, leaving 30 centimeters of accumulated snow in some areas, which could be repeated this weekend.

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