Another historical figure: Mexico broke a record of violations in 2021

More than 21,000 violations were recorded during 2021. (Photo: REUTERS/Gustavo Graf.)

The violence against women continues to be the Achilles heel of the current administration: the violation, one of its greatest challenges and – whose impact has already earned the country one second (regrettable) record historical – oblivious to the one recently overcome by COVID-19.

During the 2021 They registered 21 thousand 189 simple and equal violations, a 28.1% higher than 2020 when they reported 16 thousand 544, according to data provided by the Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC) in the morning conference this January 20.

In an exercise of rounded accounts, these numbers would mean that every day of 2021 were committed 58 violations and a month thousand 765. In addition, if the accumulated figure were divided among the 32 states of the Republic, it would imply that in each one 600 violations per year (almost 2 per day).

Thus, by April 2021, Mexico reached its all-time high in violations with 2 thousand 17 cases; although the gap of two thousand records was also overcome for October with 2 thousand 13.

Meanwhile, the figures for the remaining months hovered between a minimum of 1,700 (November 2021) to thousand 963 (June 2021), this based on the security report of November of the same year.

It should be noted that the illegal act was also positioned as the one that more increase had in the incidence of common law in 2021; the second largest was robbery in public and individual transport with 12.6%, that is, a gap 15 percentage points Of diference.

“These are crimes where we need to improve the work and the results in the common jurisdiction”, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, head of the SSC.

“The challenge continues”, “We will continue working” or We need to improve”, have been some of the remarks with which the official has endorsed her commitment to redouble efforts to deal with crime.

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