Advertisement: Somewhere in between: Immerse yourself in a completely new cosmos in Urban Nature St. Peter-Ording |

The best of both worlds: Urban Nature is more than just another hotel brand. Urban Nature is a place of fusion, double contrasts, fantasy and dreaming.



Jan 21, 2022 12:01 am

City and country, community and cocooning, self-realization and security – the Urban Nature Cosmos positions itself as a polarizing living space for modern nomads with an urban lifestyle, surrounded by fancy landscapes and always in harmony with nature. Colorful like the rainbow, lively like the sea, grounded in green. A place where everyone can be what they want and do what they want. All or nothing. It is like it is. Cozily isolate yourself from the noise of the world or meet new experiences with open arms. Find yourself or celebrate togetherness.

From the young (at heart) backpacker to the neo-ecological hipster, everyone can choose for themselves how much city and how much nature they want to experience. As if through a magical puddle that connects town and country, Urban Nature makes it easy to leave your personal comfort zone and broaden your own horizons – and thereby be inspired and create new freedom for yourself. “You” or “you” doesn’t matter. Cosmopolitanism, sociability and freedom characterize the self-image of the new brand. Whether building sandcastles, juggling soap bubbles or avoiding raindrops – somewhere in between, here and now, everyone is welcome.