A year with little wind makes things difficult for evm

Sun delivers what it promises

On the other hand, there was good news when it came to the duration of sunshine: the supplier from Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate) produced about as much electricity as originally planned. The Hachenburg solar park remains the most profitable system. This alone was responsible for 8.2 million kWh of electricity.

Compared to the solar parks, the electricity production in the two evm wind parks in Waigandshain and in Höhn is significantly higher. The wind yield in both parks was lower than usual and was slightly more than 25 million kWh each at the end of the year. The most profitable day was March 11, when wind, water and sun generated around 685,000 kWh of electricity.

Another wind farm is to come

In addition to the solar parks in Mastershausen, Görgeshausen, Höhn and Hachenburg, evm operates even larger photovoltaic systems on the company’s own properties, the wind parks mentioned and two hydroelectric power stations in Nauroth and Bad Marienberg.

The energy supplier from Rhineland-Palatinate wants to significantly expand the production of green electricity. “Planning for the expansion is underway. Among other things, large solar parks are being planned in the Adenau association of municipalities in Dankerath, Senscheid and Trierscheid, as well as in the VG Rhein-Mosel in Dieblich and Waldesch,” says Weil. In addition, a wind farm in the Prüm community is in the pipeline. (jk)


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