“You are re-elected”: Gustavo Bolívar congratulated Katherine Miranda and her publicists for the billboard message of her campaign for Congress

Fence of the representative Katherine Miranda uses the controversial verb “Abudinear”

The head of the list to the Senate for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolivar, praised the message with which the representative Katherine Miranda, Alianza Verde party, seeks a second term in the Congress of the Republic.

That they do not abudine the country” is the campaign slogan with which he placed five billboards in the capital of the Republic and that gave people something to talk about on social networks on January 18.

Bolívar published a tweet in which he expressed his congratulations to Miranda and his team of publicists: “With the forgiveness of publicists from other campaigns the one from @MirandaBogota swallowed them all. “don’t abuse the country” Short, conjunctural, in momentum, relevant (sic), original, daring, connected with the country’s outrage, motivates action, etc. congratulations you are reelected”.

The praise did not imply that Bolívar chose his vote for Miranda; In a subsequent tweet, the senator clarified his intentions for the March elections: “Obviously I will vote for the closed list of the Historical Pact to the House of Representatives for Bogotá, but it does not take anything away from us to recognize the virtues of the opponents”.

It should be remembered that Katherine Miranda He warned that his fences will not be dismantled because he considers that he is carrying out a task of political control over the implications of the contract for Population centers, which cost the head of former minister Karen Abudinen.

Katherine Miranda filed guardianship to repeat the motion of censure against Karen Abudinen.  Photos: Colprensa
Katherine Miranda filed guardianship to repeat the motion of censure against Karen Abudinen. Photos: Colprensa

as reported Infobae Colombia, Katherine Miranda justified the use of the expression within her campaign as a form of “social sanction because the issue was forgotten and there must be political responsibilities because this scandal cannot be ignored. I have not said that the minister stole the money, but the ministry must respond”.

So far, his counterpart, Karen Abudinen, a former ICT minister who resigned from the post due to the imminence of a political trial in Congress, has not responded to messages from Katherine Miranda.

The implication of representative Katherine Miranda is known with “abudinear” that led her to an ongoing investigation by the Supreme Court of Justice that seeks to determine if she incurred in the crimes of libel and slander.

Miranda has appropriated the expression and its frequent use on Twitter is why it was singled out by Abudinen in his complaint before the CSJ.

One of the significant episodes of this controversy, again had the representative as the protagonist when she wrote: “#LaPalabraDelAñoEs ABUDINEAR for demonstrating how the traditional political class normalizes corruption and makes fun of the citizens”, the above on December 1, 2021.

Senator Gustavo Bolívar, head of the list for the Historical Pact Photo: Colprensa (Álvaro Tavera)
Senator Gustavo Bolívar, head of the list for the Historical Pact Photo: Colprensa (Álvaro Tavera)

On the other hand, Senator Gustavo Bolivar, who heads the list for the Senate for the Historical Pact, is aware of the responsibility he has with a view to the March elections.

In extensive statements collected by Infobae Colombia, Bolivar pointed out that “if we don’t get to have the Presidency and the majorities of the Congress, I will not be in politics anymore. I do not take office in Congress. Because that would mean that the country did not make the decision to change and I am not going to spend four more years giving up my life, sacrificing so many things for a country that does not want to change.”

The senator stated that the only thing that would take him out of a political career would be an attempt on his life or electoral fraud.

The elections to Congress inaugurate the Colombian electoral calendar and are scheduled for March 13, 2022.


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