Vodafone joins Störsauskunft.de

This is how the portal works

Even with the most powerful energy networks, isolated disruptions are inevitable due to weather conditions, construction work or technical defects. On the map from Störsauskunft.de, consumers can easily see whether a power failure is already known to the responsible network operator. Thanks to the digitized network control systems of the regional and national energy suppliers involved, any faults that occur are immediately displayed on the platform.

Visitors to the portal can also store their own information about power outages and enter messages on the map. Algorithms running in the background validate and update status when power is restored. The portal registers between 5,000 and 10,000 visitors every day.

Further fault reports planned

“Störungsauskunft.de has become a fixture in the German power grid business. Thanks to the attentive visitors, information from many is created here for many. With Vodafone, we have integrated a strong partner from the telecommunications environment into the portal for the first time. In the future, we would like to integrate other faults on the platform, such as street lighting, water, district heating and the Internet,” says Daniel Felbier, who is responsible for Störsauskunft.de at Westenergie Netzservice, which operates the portal for Westenergie.

Advantages for Vodafone

Telecommunications providers such as Vodafone benefit from the connection. If the communication infrastructure is impaired, network technicians often have to look for the cause of the problem on site. “In many cases, however, the reason for the defect is not in the company’s own systems. A local power failure, for example, can limit the power supply of repeater points in the fixed network and affect services,” says Michael Tanz, Head of Network Operations at Vodafone.

As part of the cooperation, the two companies are now exchanging data on power outages. If Westenergie confirms a power failure, Vodafone no longer has to hire a network technician to troubleshoot. In return, Vodafone sends information to Westenergie when the equipment has been resupplied and the power failure has to be repaired. The previously published power failure notification will then be removed from the portal. (sg)


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