To jail a woman who murdered a street dweller who, apparently, did not share her dose of bazuco

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According to the investigation carried out by the Attorney General’s Office, a woman identified as Mónica Fernanda Montoya Jiménez would be responsible for the homicide of a man living on the street on January 14 in the center of Medellín (Antioquia).

The indicated murderer, who is also a homeless person and lives in public space, he killed his victim with a knife because he did not want to give him the drug he was consuming, according to the investigations of the accusing body.

“The events under investigation occurred on the so-called Punto Cero bridge in the capital of Antioquia in the early hours of this January 14, when the woman apparently attacked another homeless person with a knife because he had refused to share a room with her. dose of bazuco.”, pointed out in the Prosecutor’s Office.

However, when he tried to run away, The accused was intercepted by the authorities who captured her so that she would appear for that crime.

“Montoya Jiménez was captured in flagrante delicto by National Police officers when she tried to move away from the scene of the crime and in the action the weapon that would have been used to commit the homicide was recovered”, they added in the investigative body.

Despite the evidence against him, Montoya Jiménez He did not accept his responsibility in that murder, although in any case she was sheltered with an insurance measure in a prison.

Meanwhile, on the Alerta Paisa radio station they gave more details of the murder and indicated that it occurred exactly on Carrera 64 C with Calle 67. There was a fight there, over the drug issue and the woman injured the deceased in the neck with the white weapon.

Although the victim was transferred to a medical center, they reported on the station, Due to the seriousness of the injuries, it was impossible to save his life.

This case was similar to the one that occurred on December 20 in Magangué (Bolívar), where a woman, also a street dweller, would have murdered the one who would be her sentimental partner, apparently also for the consumption of narcotics, according to the information they obtained in the newspaper El Universal de Cartagena.

The killed man was identified as Elio David Aguas Mulet, 24, that was known by the community of the San Martín sector, where the act of violence occurred.

In the Caribbean newspaper they reported that the woman, who goes by the name of Amada Moreno Soracá, 47 years old, He had an argument with the man, apparently due to drug use, which later escalated into a brawl in which the aforementioned murderer wounds him with a knife to the chest. and causes his death.

Homicides were reduced by 32% in Medellín

The Medellín Mayor’s Office reported that homicides in the city during 2021 were reduced by 32 percent. The municipal administration assured that security became a fundamental axis for the construction of the ‘Future Medellin’ based on quality of life with a technological vision.

The actions carried out by the authorities of the capital of Antioquia allowed this year this crime will not be recorded for 115 non-consecutive days.

In addition, in the articulated work between the security authorities together with the municipal administration, two specialized Anti-Freighting and Anti-extortion groups were created to attack these high-impact crimes head-on, giving as resulted in the capture of 110 people for freight and 262 for extortion, in the year.

Added to this, 260 murderers have been captured thanks to the rewards strategy that was implemented some time ago in the capital of Antioquia.


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