They ratified the sentence against Robinho in the rape case: he will have to go to prison for 9 years

The soccer player was convicted of participating in the sexual abuse of a 23-year-old girl (Photo: EFE)

Finally, the Rom Court of Cassationto rejected in the third and last instance the appeal filed by the former Brazilian striker Robinho, who with his partner Ricardo Falco were sentenced to a sentence of between two and nine years in prison for sexually assaulting an Albanian woman in a Milan nightclub on January 22, 2013.

After a lengthy legal process, the sentence was decreed with the immediate execution of the sentence by the court composed of five judges and presided over by the judge Luca Ramacci, who listened to both bells for just over half an hour before coming to the final conclusion.

Although the sentence is final, without room for a new appeal and with the execution of the immediate sentence, one of the main issues that revolves around the case is the request for the extradition of the culprits to European lands, something that can hardly be carried out since since 1988 the Brazilian Constitution does not allow it. Although Italy can request extradition, the most feasible thing is that the soccer player and the other defendant serve their sentence in a penitentiary in the South American country, although that will open a new process in their country, where they are currently.

Robinho and his friend cannot be extradited (Tw)
Robinho and his friend cannot be extradited (Tw)

Although the day took place in a private environment, it was one of the former Real Madrid player’s lawyers who spoke to a group of journalists before the trial began: “Robinho was massacred by the media, he is out of work and we are sure that he is not guilty”.

“You have to respect the woman, but we are sure of her innocence. There were serious errors in guaranteeing their rights, but we believe in Italian justice”, he had sentenced in the previous hearing that ratified the 9-year sentence. During the session, the professional based his defense on the fact that the relationships his client had with the 23-year-old girl had been consensual. “They considered that the appeal filed by the player was inadmissible and that therefore the conviction is final,” the victim’s lawyer, Jacopo Gnocchi, told the press after the hearing.

In the reconstruction of the events, the report highlighted that the former Real Madrid player acted in a group and that the crime was committed in complicity with his friend Ricardo Falco. In 2014, the former Brazilian national team denied the facts, since the Italian authorities were already investigating him.

In a first instance, the defense of the former Brazilian player presented a 65-page resource and 19 annexes with which he tried to refute the initial sentence.

Robinho was presented by Santos in 2020 but six days later they annulled his contract (Tw)
Robinho was presented by Santos in 2020 but six days later they annulled his contract (Tw)

Robinho was part of AC Milan when he committed the sexual crime, however this event did not affect his sports career and he continued playing for the club. By 2014 he returned to his country where he stood out as an elementary player in the Santos formation until the end of the loan.

Once his session stage was over, the Brazilian was released from Milan and began a tour of various teams including GZ Evergrande from China and Sivasspor and Basaksehir from Turkey. Finally in 2020 was sanctioned for the investigations of sexual abuse against him when tried to start a fourth stage in Santos. Six days after his arrival at the team, the managers canceled his hiring.

The Italian Court of Appeal stated that the striker sought to create a version that would separate him from the legal process, even gave false information to the agents who handled the case. “He tried from the beginning to divert the investigations by offering the authorities a false and previously agreed version,” the official report detailed.


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