She is Sara, the daughter of Felipe Peláez who inherited her vocal talent

It is common to see that many artists have children who are determined to follow their parents’ careers. In Colombia, Shakira can be taken as an example, whose offspring have also ventured into music, or Diomedes Díaz, whose heirs -mostly- followed in the footsteps of the Cacique de La Junta and contributed, each in their own way, to the vallenato genre. .

Precisely, one of the benchmarks in this musical aspect is Felipe Peláez, with hits like ‘Lo tú todo’, ‘Loco’ and ‘Caminaré’ among others. And those same sounds, where in addition to the accordion other instruments such as piano and guitar predominate, caught the attention of Sara, daughter of the Colombian-Venezuelan singer-songwriter, although not enough to sing it.

“I feel that it is a genre that I, Sara Peláez, would not sing”, He mentioned the minor in dialogue with El Colombiano, and proof of this are the two songs that he premiered in 2021, being his best year so far as an artist. One of those singles is ‘Gracias’, which was dedicated to his mom, a mix of sounds like pop, along with a strong guitar presence.

His other song, ‘Feliz Navidad’, was part of the album ‘Canticuentos’ by the Codiscos house, but with everything and that he admitted that ‘Gracias’ has a more special meaning, since it was part of a gift on Mother’s Day. “Mother’s Day was ten days away and I was giving her a gift, a craft, and I thought I’d better write her a song. It was the most normal thing in the world, I sat down and started writing”, he told the aforementioned media, even adding that Felipe, his father, helped him with the chords, and when he read the lyrics, he was surprised to learn that she had been the author.

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All the talent that the little girl has shown through her social networks and on YouTube has served her to have current recognition, beyond being the daughter of the vallenato singer. Precisely, the man born in Maicao -La Guajira- reiterated his support for Sara: “As an artist I will be very close to her, with caution and great prudence, understanding how complex this world can be” to said regional portal.

Musical heritage that comes from Felipe Peláez

Sara does not hide that her passion and motivation for this profession was thanks to her father, and she also pointed out that she wants to dedicate herself to music for life, because from it she can make great transformations in many areas. And as it is already known that vallenato music does not attract much attention, at home Olivia Rodrigo, K-pop, pop and, how could it be otherwise, the hits of ‘Pipe’ Peláez sound predominantly.

His dream? Have the same impact as Shakira, who is one of his greatest inspirations; but on the other hand, he also wants to study Psychology and Law without neglecting music, his main driving force. He also hopes to write more songs to be released in 2022, so that they have an impact similar to that of ‘Gracias’, which has more than 119 thousand views on YouTube. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Sara sang a cover of ‘Let the children sing’ together with her father and Manuel Shay, obtaining nearly 44 thousand views from her main profile on this platform.


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