No meeting without result: meeting invitation should be linked to task |



Jan 19, 2022 2:44 p.m

Numerous meetings are tough and lead to nothing in the end. To prevent this, a simple motto can help.

In principle, only those who have something to contribute should be invited to a meeting. Carsten Seiffert, a freelance trainer and consultant, recommends this in a blog post on Xing.

In order to implement this effectively, Seiffert advises a rule. In the future, teams can link an invitation to a meeting to a mandatory task. The task is very simple: prepare for the meeting and get involved during it.

Meeting only with contribution: Five minutes of constructive speaking time

Seiffert even goes a little further. In his opinion, anyone who does not have at least five minutes of constructive and valuable speaking time or specialist knowledge should stay away from the meeting.

This prevents employees from wasting a lot of unnecessary time in meetings simply for information or monitoring purposes. Meetings for their own sake are also eliminated.

A question must be clarified

Seiffert recommends that managers set a good example here. They should not attend any meeting where they would only show up because of rank.

According to the consultant, at the end of every meeting, the question should also be clarified: Who is doing what by when? This “purpose-goal expectation” should already play a role in the planning of the meeting and be communicated to the participants.

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