More than 10,000 citizens submitted a statement of opinion “Severe punishment for Kim Yong-gyun’s subcontractors and subcontractors”

▲ The Kim Yong-gyun Foundation holds a press conference calling for strict punishment for the late Kim Yong-gyun in charge of industrial accidents near the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 18th.

Ahead of the first trial sentence for the late Kim Yong-gyun at the Taean Thermal Power Plant, more than 10,000 families and citizens of industrial accident victims are filing a petition calling for strict punishment for those responsible.

The Kim Yong-gyun Foundation held a press conference in front of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 18th and released petitions and opinions to the court. The opinions received by the foundation have been signed by 10,365 people as of that day. People who lost their families due to industrial accidents, including Kim Do-hyeon, the older sister of the late Kim Tae-gyu, Kim Seon-yang, the father of the late Kim Jae-soon, Lee Yong-gwan, the father of the late Lee Han-bit, and Park So-yeong, the spouse of the late Kim Il-doo, took the lead in writing the opinion.

Regarding the case of the late Lee Seon-ho, who died while working in Pyeongtaek Port, on the 13th, the court sentenced both the contractor and the subcontractor to probation. Those who wrote the opinion emphasized that it is impossible to reduce industrial accidents without holding companies strongly accountable.

Inrae Lee, executive chairman of the Korea Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, said, “Companies and their representatives that have tolerated the practice of ignoring basic safety measures and leading to the death of workers in the process of business activities for the sake of profit should be held strictly accountable.” “This trial, which will hold Kim Yong-gyun responsible for the accidental death of worker Kim Yong-gyun, who became the catalyst for the enactment of the Accident Punishment Act, will be watched by many workers and the public.” Kim Do-hyeon said, “Yong-gyun said that people don’t die after death, but the temporary workers and the wearing of labor have not changed from before he died,” he said. The foundation will soon submit a written opinion to the court.

Prosecutors demanded two years in prison for Kim Byung-sook, former president of Korea Western Power, and one year and six months in prison for former president of subcontractor Paik Nam-ho, on charges of negligent manslaughter and violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act under the Criminal Act. The sentencing hearing will be held on the 10th of next month at the Seosan Branch of the Daejeon District Court.

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