Mirtha Vásquez points out that apparently Repsol did not have a contingency plan for an oil spill

Photograph provided by the Council of Ministers of the President of the Council, Mirtha Vásquez, at a press conference with foreign correspondents today in Lima (Peru). EFE/ Presidency of the Council of Ministers

After the announcement of contagion by COVID-19 of four ministers of State, the usual meeting of the holders of the different portfolios, Mirtha Vasquez and the president peter castle It was done virtually. The premier gave scope on the agreements reached at this ministerial meeting. One of the central issues addressed was the oil spill in Ventanilla by the Repsol company and the La Pampilla Refinery.

Vásquez referred to the spill of 6,000 barrels of oil in Ventanilla and the ecological disaster that it is reaching, according to reports from the different sectors involved, as well as with the Ministries of the Environment, Energy and Mines, Agriculture and Production.

He pointed out that In the first place, the affected areas have been identified and which ones can be remedied. Second, action must be taken to contain and recover hydrocarbons immediately. And third, the safe transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated by the cleanup is being arranged., with execution times that should not be extended beyond 10 days.

Along these lines, he stated that these facts carry coercive fines that reach up to 100 UIT, and the Minam Public Prosecutor’s Office is already initiating civil actions for compensation against those responsible.

“I want to reaffirm that an action that interests us is the urgency of environmental care, that measures be adopted to clean up the spill and carry out an immediate cleanup, because it is generating important effects not only on the sea itself but also on the fauna and flora of this zone”, precise.

The premier acknowledged that they are concerned about the issue, and the Council of Ministers has decided to form a crisis committee with the different sectors. Minam, Midagri, Mindef, Produce and Foreign Relations are part so that they can take action immediately.

Vásquez referred that the government through the Minam has been in dialogue with Repsol asking for explanations because in principle they launched an alert that minimized the fact, there was talk of a small oil spill, and it has been verified that they did not launch the corresponding public alerts so that the population and the authorities could take action.

“There is a first observation, due to the inaccurate information they gave at the beginning, there is also an observation because the magnitude of this spill was not established and they also told us about the OEFA that apparently the company did not have a contingency plan and did not have the capacity to reaction and they just talk about hiring a company to do the cleaning and remediation, but there were no concrete measures that could be taken. Four days have passed and the disaster continues to spread.” the premier commented.

He affirmed that this is a fact that cannot go unpunished, it is generating a very serious impact for the country, which is not known if it can be reversed. He said that it will be necessary to look for responsibilities, establishing the measures to take the corresponding actions.

In addition, as a government it forces them to review the regulations regarding how contracts are made, what mechanisms they have in the event of possible contingencies, and that companies can guarantee in the event of a disaster of this nature.


The Government is making efforts to solve the conflicts with the Las Bambas mining company through dialogue, said today the President of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vásquez, commenting that last Monday she was in the area of ​​the mining corridor working with the communities of the Ccapacmarca district. , in the Cuzco region.

At a press conference, he stated that “We have been talking with the community, the leaders, they have some demands that we have explained to them that in the legal order what is the way what they should follow.”

He recalled that “the Executive has also brought a proposal, the same as with the other communities; They have asked us for 15 days so that they can evaluate these proposals and they can make decisions about it.

“In this area, at least, the flow of mining activity continues as normal, while we continue to make efforts to channel the conflict through dialogue“, Held.

Three communities in the district of Ccapacmarca (Tahuay, Sayhua and Huascabamba) demand to be included in the area of ​​direct influence of the mine, in order to be beneficiaries of economic items for the execution of development projects.

Representatives of the Las Bambas mining company also participated in Monday’s dialogue with the Executive Committee. The meeting was held at the Sayhua stadium, in the Cusco province of Chumbivilcas.

“What we say here will be the things we can do. It would not cost us anything to offer them something, sign a document and leave, as they have done many times. This government does not want to do that. I know quite well the problem of the road”, said Vásquez that day in the Cusco stadium.

The head of the Cabinet offered a press conference at the end of the session of the Council of Ministers.


As reported by the Government Palace Press Secretariat, the PCM session was directed by the president peter castle. Likewise, for the press conference, the different media were summoned to send the questions that will be answered by the ministers.

Among the announcements that will be announced today will be the measures that the Government will adopt regarding the oil spill in the Peruvian sea that has affected more than 18 thousand square meters of beach, in addition to signifying a serious attack on the environment.

Likewise, on the health sector side, information will be provided on the measures that the sector will adopt in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, topics related to the national security situation will be discussed.


President Pedro Castillo led a virtual session of the Council of Ministers this morning. From 8:30 a.m., the session was directed by the president from the headquarters of the Executive Power.

At 10:15 a.m., the Head of State also participated in the virtual plenary session of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The theme of the meeting was “Perspectives for Latin America”, together with the heads of state of Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Guatemala, as well as the president of the Inter-American Development Bank.


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