Melissa Paredes and her uncomfortable reaction to Agatha Lys’s prediction: “That love you have is not going to stay with you”

Agatha Lys read Melissa Paredes’s aura. (Photo: Latin)

Melissa Paredes went through an uncomfortable moment this Wednesday, January 19 in Mujeres al Mando, after the astrologer Aghata Lys decided to read her aura. The seer indicated that she suffers even though she is very smiling before cameras. Likewise, he ruled out that his relationship with Anthony Aranda lasts.

Hearing these words, the TV host was quite uncomfortable. And although he wanted to show a smile, the tension was noticeable on the set.

“She is passionate and strong, when she sets her mind to something, she gets it anyway. She has the good things about Leo, but like everyone else, she also has her flaws. She likes to be flattered, that’s why She is with that person who now makes her feel that passion, that fire, and that flatters her, but be careful, that fire can sometimes burn us”, began the astrologer before the look of Melissa, who did not stop smiling.

“What I visualize is that she is very smiling, she is like firm and empowered, but she is not having a good time. She has moments when she is very sad, when she is crying, I see her tears, because it is not that she is happy about everything that is happening in her life. It’s like he starts to think, is he passing me what is correct or not?, he continued.

Likewise, he proceeded to speak directly about his relationship with Anthony Aranda, even giving times of when the possible breakup would be.

“What I feel in you is that there are going to be changes in love, that the love you have now is not going to stay with you and enjoy it while it lasts because you are a very mental person. Now you are having a good time, when love is forbidden it is richer, but now it is already in the light, and that has 3 or 6 months more or less of honeymoon, then you are going to think about it very well “Agatha said.

That’s when Melissa intervened and pointed out that she had a period of very strong depression, where Anthony was very supportive.

“Yes, you are right, we come out on screen as we have to, strong, determined and empowered, but behind there are many things that happen, and the beautiful thing is also having great support such as Anthony, who for me is a great support and who He’s always there with me.” the driver pointed out.

“I have always said it, I went through a very strong depression process, nobody knows it because one does not go out to the cameras to cry. When I showed my vulnerable side, everyone laughed and saw it as crazy. So now you have to stand up and smile.”, he remarked with a big smile.

Given this, the seer did not hesitate to emphasize that the person who saves her does not necessarily have to stay with her.

“It is a process that she is living to find herself, because when one has not gone well, when you did not feel good in a relationship at some point you said, he has come to save me’. But sometimes the one who comes to save you helps you to save yourself, but he doesn’t necessarily have to stay with you. Not necessarily”, he clarified.

Finally, Melissa replied: “Time will tell”.


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