It is estimated that Repsol spilled 6,000 barrels of oil in the Ventanilla Sea

Photo: Ministry of the Environment.

About, 6 thousand barrels of oil spilled by the Repsol company, which manages the La Pampilla refinery, on the Cavero, Bahía Blanca and Costa Azul beaches, located in Windowlast saturday and not 7 gallons as originally reported.

This was confirmed by the Minister of the Environment, Ruben Ramirez Mateo. As he explained, the company was carrying out a fuel loading and unloading procedure when the accident was caused by the high tides recorded on the coast due to the volcanic eruption in Tonga.

“The unloading of an international ship that brought approximately 1 million barrels of crude oil to be processed precisely in this plant has been affected. It has been estimated that there has been a spill of 6,000 barrels of oil.the minister told the press.

Photo: Ministry of the Environment
Photo: Ministry of the Environment

Seeking to measure the magnitude of the spill, Ramírez indicated that he flew over the coast and observed that the oil contamination reaches almost to the Ancón Bay.

“Today we have made a flight to determine the environmental damage. It has been seen that not only beach areas have been affected, but that it has reached Ancón, which is why we have urged the company to comply with its contingency procedure,” he added.

According to the Environment Minister, The fine for Repsol could be up to 30 thousand UIT (Tax Unit), which would be equivalent to an approximate amount of S/138 million.

“There will be a sanction according to the omission or action that the company has committed, have no doubts about that. The fact is not only to have warned in time, but also to describe the magnitude of the disaster, and that is a sanction of up to 30 thousand UIT “, commented.

“By not notifying the company, it already has an infraction and not doing it correctly would be another. The OEFA (Environmental Assessment and Control Agency) and SERNANP have acted immediately to control and supervise what happened after the oil spill on the coast”, he continued.

Photo: National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State.
Photo: National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State.

Likewise, the head of the Ministry of the Environment stated that President Pedro Castillo could approach the area where the ecological disaster occurred in the next few hours. “The president has respect for the land and the environment, he is a patrolman and they are allies. This is everyone’s issue.” advancement.

“All national, regional and district authorities are facing and demanding that the company comply with its contingency procedure”, ended.

Hours before, in an activity with the Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillen, Ramírez commented the following: “The La Pampilla refinery reported a minimal incident on Saturday, announcing that it was 2.5 meters. But when we went to the OEFA, in the first steps we saw that it had spread to three kilometers. It has affected islands and islets. We believe that you must have a rapid response of contingency activities, “he said.


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