Iran will continue to fight for the end of US sanctions

Moscow, Jan 19 (EFE).- The president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisí, affirmed today that the sanctions imposed by the United States will not stop the development of his country and assured that Tehran will continue fighting for the lifting of these restrictive measures. “We have been confronting the Americans for more than 40 years. And we will never stop the progress and development of the country due to sanctions and threats. Now we are striving for the sanctions to be repealed,” he told his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during his first visit to Moscow after being inaugurated as president. The Iranian president equated his country with Russia, noting that both nations face unilateral sanctions from the West and, especially, from the US, and stated that “Tehran and Moscow can create a synergy in the interaction between the two countries.” In that sense, Raisí advocated “stable relations” between Iran and Russia and pointed out that both countries can deepen their interaction in the fields of economy, trade, politics and culture for the benefit of both parties. “We want our relations with Russia to be strong and cover different fields. These relations will not be brief or circumstantial, but constant and strategic,” he insisted. To this end, he delivered to the Russian side a proposal for strategic cooperation between the two countries for the next 20 years, noting that Tehran is not satisfied with the current level of relations and trade with Moscow and that it aspires to get closer to Russia. For his part, the Russian president, separated from Raisí by a long table to maintain a sanitary distance, celebrated his counterpart’s visit to Moscow in the current conditions, when the number of coronavirus infections has skyrocketed in Russia. “Immediately after his inauguration we established a permanent contact, but of course neither video conferences nor phone calls can replace personal communication, even one like this,” he said. Putin expressed his interest in talking with Raisí about issues such as the situation in Afghanistan, military cooperation in Syria and, in particular, about Tehran’s position regarding the Iranian nuclear agreement. EFE fss/cae/psh (photo)

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