“I did nothing, I just assaulted them”: Edomex criminal confessed to crime after his arrest

“El Jeremy” would have met his accomplices at a party (Photo: Special)

After assaulting the passengers of a combi with luxury of violence in Tultitlan, State of Mexico, a local criminal known as The Jeremy He was arrested by the Mexican authorities, before whom he tried to minimize his actions, arguing that he had not harmed his victims.

“I didn’t do anything to them, I just assaulted them”, assured the criminal, who accompanied by his accomplices and carrying a firearm, took cell phones and belongings from those who were inside the public transport unit around 5:50 in the morning on January 14.

through threats demanded the driver of the combi turn off the unit and deactivate the security camera present inside, which captured the moment of the robbery on video, material that was later shared through social networks.

“Let’s see driver, Turn off the combi or I’ll kill you, pu **. I detonate you. Turn it off, turn it off, my dog, in short,” ordered 19-year-old Fernando García Díaz, who in the company of El Pollo and El Taz terrified his victims at times.

Quickly, the criminal approached each of the passengers of the combi, from whom he snatched their mobile phones while saying: “Let’s see, in short, the cool ones eh, the cool ones, the cool ones, in short, give me the cool cell phone.”

One of the victims asked in tears to the assailant power keep your work ID, request that The Jeremy ignored, because he left the place with the young woman’s belongings despite the plea of ​​the person who was going to work.

After being stripped of her belongings, the young woman had a Anxiety Attack, during which he asked the driver to stop the unit to get out of it and return home, a request that he was heard saying between tears and sobs, which corresponded to the feelings of frustration and fear that were caused by the violent act in his against.

After taking possession of the video that was recorded in the combi, the local authorities launched a search against the criminal, who was found in the area of San Pablo de las Salinas in possession of a .32 caliber firearm, with which he would have carried out the assault.

The young criminal confessed to the crime and was transferred to the Cuautitlan prison, at Mexico state, where he will face his trial for common law crimes, since the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGE) is already investigating his case.

"The Jeremy" robbed his victims with a .32 caliber gun (Photo: Twitter@LeoBlack1009)
“El Jeremy” robbed his victims with a .32 caliber gun (Photo: [email protected])

Jeremy assured that the robbery it was planned on the spur of the moment, because he met The Taz and The Chicken at a party held in the neighborhood Alborada 1 the night before the crime; The authorities have not reported on the legal status of these two people, but it is presumed that they are still at large.

In the same municipality, a woman identified as Janis Fernanda “N” She was linked to the process for her alleged participation in the crime of robbery with violence, for which preventive detention was ordered against her and she will remain in the Cuautitlán prison.

The accused is accused of carrying out assaults on passers-by in the colony Housing Unit CTM San Pablo, a place where he threatened his victims with a sharp weapon to deprive those who passed through the area of ​​their belongings.


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