Huacho: Police found the body of a missing loan businesswoman on Sunday

Huacho: Police found the body of a missing loan businesswoman on Sunday

Two foreign criminals took the life of a businesswoman identified as Yvonne Carnero, according to one of the detainees identified as Oswaldo Antonio Escobar Rumbos 24 years old. The woman was reported missing early Sunday morning and since then the Homicide Investigation Division and the Kidnapping Investigation Division of the National Police of Peru (PNP) joined the search. The body was found in a sandbank near Laguna La Encantada in the district of Santa María in Huacho.

Carnero, 55, was dedicated to loan of money in the modality of drop by drop, a method known for capturing interested parties through the distribution of cards in restaurants, shopping centers and other busy areas. It is only necessary for those who want to benefit from the loan to provide their personal data to access the money. There are reports of those who have accessed this type of service who have been threatened by lenders after sharing information such as the location of their home.

According to a report from Latina, the criminals would have received a huge amount of money from the businesswoman so that they can lend it in the aforementioned modality. Over time, they refused to return the money provided by Ivonne Carnero and this would have been the moment in which her disappearance and subsequent murder began to be planned. The captured subject declared to the authorities that he acted in complicity with a compatriot of his, the same with whom he worked during the last two months locating citizens in search of moneylenders.

Both would be part of a criminal gang called “Los chamos del norte chico” that would operate in areas such as Huacho, Huaral and Barranca. Carnero, who also owned a vehicle sales company in Lima, would have been kidnapped in Huacho. “He murdered her and buried her for not paying a debt of approximately 15 thousand soles”, said an agent of the special group in charge of the investigations.

Huacho: Police found the body of a missing loan businesswoman on Sunday
Huacho: Police found the body of a missing loan businesswoman on Sunday


Today afternoon, around 3:30 pm, the authorities managed to find the body of the victim, who had been buried in a sandbank. His car was located at kilometer 18 of Serpentín de Pacasmayo on the side of the road, with the windows lowered and with traces of fingerprints in the trunk. The geolocation information saved by the phone of the alleged killer helped to follow the traces of the crime. Initially, Escobar Rumbos denied his participation, but the mobile phone data showed otherwise.

The captured criminal is in the custody of the Criminal Investigation Department of the National Police and will be detained for 15 days. At the time of his arrest, marijuana wrappers, cell phones and money were found on him, objects of which he did not know how to justify their origin. According to his statement, his accomplice took money, belongings and his victim’s phone. All this would add up to an approximate value between 5 and 7 thousand soles.

The authorities are doomed to search for the other subject involved in the murder. Tomorrow the autopsy will be performed on Carnero’s body in order to determine the true cause of his death. According to the authorities, at the time of its location, the body had been deceased between 24 and 27 hours.. All the proceedings will be carried out in Huacho, although during the search process special groups participated that moved from Lima to the crime zone to support their colleagues.


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