Feria León 2022: riots reported moments before the Santa Fe Klan concert

Social network users reported an altercation moments before the presentation of Santa Fe Klan at the Leon Fair 2022, as attendees swarmed and tore down a fence to get closer to the stage.

According to the videos shared by those attending the event, it can be seen that, despite the health contingency due to COVID-19, a large number of people were at the site where the concert would take place without following healthy distance measures.

In an audiovisual that lasts a minute and a half, you can see the moment when attendees insist on passing the security gate and the guards of the place, seeing themselves overwhelmed, cannot prevent the attendees from beginning to pile up to enter a restricted area.

Given this, the agents chose to remove the fences and let people continue to move through the area. In addition, some of the singer’s followers are seen trying to climb the stands to have better visibility during the show.

Lack of control before the Santa Fe Klan concert (Photo: Tw @webscamsdemexico)

Faced with the viralization of these images, Internet users were quick to react and condemned the large number of people who attended and the disturbances they caused.

“If this cannon to see the contrast that on the one hand today was the day with the most infections in Mexico so far in the pandemic and on the other hand, in Leon, people overwhelmed at a fair to see a singer. That’s why we just don’t get ahead in this pandemic” or “Let’s see if with the Santa Fe Klan the security and access to the León Fair is better organized. We must remember that Panteón Rococo will be on Saturday”, were some of the comments made by netizens.

So far, the organizers of the event have not commented on the matter or have indicated if there were injuries during the uproar.

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