Deposed Guinea leader marched to UAE, says junta

Guinea’s deposed President Alpha Conde traveled to the United Arab Emirates this week for medical treatment, the country’s ruling military junta said on Tuesday.

The 83-year-old man, the victim of a military coup the previous year, had left the country on Monday, a government source who requested anonymity had indicated the day before.

On Tuesday, the government released a statement along with a video showing the ousted leader in a suit, sitting on a red sofa before traveling to the airport and boarding a plane.

“It is urgent that he receive treatment, that is my concern,” say statements in the statement attributed to Conde. “I am sure I will be well treated,” they add.

The Economic Community of West African States had asked the military junta to release the former president, in addition to holding elections in six months.

In power for a decade, Conde was the target of protests in 2020 after promoting a constitutional change that allowed him to run for a third term. He won the elections in October of that year, but on September 5, 2021 he was the victim of a military coup.

For 12 weeks he was held incommunicado, but then the board allowed him to be with his wife on the outskirts of the capital, Conakry. On December 31, he was authorized to leave the country.


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