Crime in Callao: Police carry out an operation in the Barracks and five gangs were deactivated

Police operation in Callao. Reference photo: Andina

From 8 pm on Monday until this Tuesday afternoon the National Police of Peru carried out an operation to combat the crime that afflicts Callao. Let us remember that last Monday, at a party held at the local El Makinón ended with shooting and three dead, in what would have been a confrontation between gangs.

PNP General Iván Lizetti Salazar, head of the Callao Police Region, gave an account of the results of the operation. “In the last 24 hours, 62 people have been arrested in flagrante delicto, one detainee, three people required for various crimes, eight arrested for driving while intoxicated, five gangs dedicated to various crimes have been dismantled and eight weapons have been seized. for illegal possession”, he pointed.

He specified that the deactivated bands are Los Elegantes de Bocanegra, Los Sagasetas del Callao, Los Finos del Negro Goma, Los Destructores del Callao, Los Malditos de Villa Los Reyes.

Likewise, three vehicles were recovered that at the time were the cause of a crime against property, theft, and 24 requisitioned vehicles were also seized. Similarly, the police “In his fight against drug trafficking and micro-commercialization, he seized 6 kilos of drugs, 70 ketes of basic cocaine paste and 308 packets of marijuana in Callao”.

Markets where stolen cell phones are purchased were also intervened, such as Polvos Chalacos where 186 cell phones that were stolen from their owners were seized. Similarly, Lizetti announced that the traffic police imposed 236 ballots for infractions. In addition, in the work it does against the pandemic, 426 fines were imposed for non-compliance with mandatory social isolation.

He pointed out that part of the work is due to the information that the neighborhood associations provide them. Thanks to this, it was possible to intervene in time.

Meanwhile, the General Commander of the Police, Javier Gallardo, indicated that the police daily dismantles gangs, recovers weapons, seizes drugs, and the criminal investigation directorates in all their specialties have been demonstrating their results, as well as the specialized units at the from all police regions.

“We know that the criminal issue is quite recurrent but the PNP makes all its efforts and puts its human and logistical resources at the service of society even when they are not the most suitable, but it is not a reason to stop fulfilling our mission and our functions. constitutional”, sentenced.


The Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillén, was also present at the operation. He specified that

These operations are not easy, and the strategy is being fine-tuned. “I am sure that these operations will continue periodically and the criminal groups that still cause serious damage to society will be eradicated.“, He said.

He welcomed the work of the PNP and assured that the Ministry will support all the sacrificed work of the institution. He urged the police to continue their selfless work.

Given the rumors of a distancing between the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police of Peru, Guillén pointed out that this operation shows that the relationship is unique in the sense of fighting crime. “We are present here and in other developing operations that you will soon learn about. The important thing is that public opinion sees unity against crime. We express our respect and consideration to all police officers. We will always be present in a united way against crime”, he referred.


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