Conservative senator asks the Attorney General’s Office to suspend Mayor Claudia López

Conservative senator, Miguel Ángel Barreto, asks the Attorney General to suspend Claudia López. Photo: Senator’s Twitter

Conservative senator Miguel Ángel Barreto asked the Attorney General’s Office this Wednesday to suspend the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, for her alleged political participation in the 2022 legislative and presidential elections.

The announcement by the congressman from Tolima comes hours after the Public Ministry announced that it was opening a disciplinary investigation against the president of the capital “for allegedly ignoring the legal constitutional norms” by posting trills on his Twitter account with political content. .

“The time for populism is over, the time for facts and results has come. Today we filed a letter with the Attorney General’s Office where we not only request to investigate but also to suspend Claudia López from her position. His intervention in politics is clear and he does not give guarantees. His wife, Congresswoman Angélica Lozano, is a candidate for the Senate of the Republic”, said the parliamentarian in a video.

In turn, the congressman from Tolima assured that he had sent a letter to the mayor Claudia López, to which he attached some “binoculars so that she could clearly review the problems of the city” and pointed out that the capital was the residence of citizens from all over the world. the regions and for that reason “deserved respect”.

Likewise, he indicated that a public hearing will be held in order to listen to the demands of the citizens in the capital, asserting that “they do not deserve to be mistreated and insulted by the ego of a president,” and pointed out that they had presented a popular action to request resources for the public force and 3,000 more soldiers to reinforce and guarantee security in the city.

“82% of Bogota citizens feel insecure and do not deserve such treatment. We invite all Bogota citizens to join in signing the revocation of Claudia López. His lack of experience and leadership lead Bogotá to a chaos that the people of Bogotá and Colombians do not deserve. Watch out for Bogota”, concluded the conservative congressman Miguel Ángel Barreto.

For its part, the Public Ministry indicated that the disciplinary investigation will have the purpose of verifying the occurrence of the conduct, determining if it constitutes a disciplinary offense, establishing the determining reasons, the circumstances of time, manner and place in which it could be committed, and López’s responsibility as an investigator.

On October 20, 2021, the Investigation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice opened a criminal investigation against Senator Barreto Castillo, for the alleged crimes of falsehood in a private document and procedural fraud, which is why he would have to appear before the high court for its formal connection.

This case goes back to his campaign for the Senate in 2018 for which he will have to explain why he did not report a donation of 20 million pesos in his accounts, andn 2019. Carlos Arturo Reyes filed a criminal complaint against the congressman for an alleged purchase of votes in exchange for delivering 2,000 packages of cement and 550 zinc tiles to a municipality in Tolima.


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