Brutal assault in a country in San Vicente: they ripped out six nails from a woman so that she would give them the money

A family was the victim of a brutal entrance in the private neighborhood of San Eliseo

A couple and their daughters were victims last night of a violent entrance in the private neighborhood Saint Elisha, located in the Buenos Aires city of San Vicente. Five armed and hooded men surprised them while they were sleeping to steal their savings. They were beaten and the housewife was tortured: six fingernails were pulled from her hands while they demanded money. They then escaped and, as of this afternoon, were still at large.

The night of terror began around 1 this wednesday in the country located on the Route 58, at kilometer 18.5. At that moment, in the house were the owner couple, a gastronomic entrepreneur and his wife, along with their two minor daughters and the domestic worker, who was the first to be cut down by the group of thieves.

According to the victims’ accounts, the criminals acted violently from the beginning of the assault and at least three of them were armed. They arrived after the objective of a certain sum of money, which the couple claimed to be unaware of. Thus, they began to mistreat them so that they would confess the place where they kept that supposed amount of money. “I gave them everything we had, but they wanted more. Then, they began to pull out his nails with pliers. They took six in total “said the businessman to TN.

“After they threatened to cut out the tongue of one of my twin daughters. There we alienated with my wife. We thought: ‘We are dead’. I threw one of them to the ground and she bit another, since there were five of us and they outnumbered us, and they hit us again. They kicked my wife in the air and tried to tie us up., but the situation had already gotten out of hand and they chose to escape,” the man continued.

In the middle of the altercation, one of the minors received a strong blow when she wanted to defend her motherwho had to be hospitalized. The woman was transferred to the Los Arcos sanatorium. “They burst a prosthesis so it will have to be intervened. They beat her so much that her face looks like a mask of how swollen it is.”her husband lamented.

The criminals fled the scene and the man alerted the neighborhood guard who, in turn, called the 911 emergency number. success. As of Wednesday afternoon, no arrests had been made.

The violent episode is investigated by the prosecutor Karina Guyot, head of the decentralized UFI of San Vicente, who tries to elucidate the way in which the assailants circumvented the security of the private neighborhood. One possibility is that they entered through a well under the perimeter wire, since they were muddy.

“From the cameras we assume that they could have been hidden since ten at night, waiting to enter. It is necessary to study if there was complicity, the truth is that all the security systems failed”, concluded the businessman.

On the other hand, although at first the information had leaked that three houses had been raided, sources in the case confirmed that the criminals entered to steal only the property of the gastronomist and his family.


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