Andrea San Martín and Sebastián Lizarzaburu celebrate their pet’s birthday with an ostentatious party

Andrea and Sebastián celebrated their dog’s 4th birthday. (Photo: Composition)

Andrea San Martin Y Sebastian Lizarzaburu They spare no expense when it comes to pampering their pets. The former reality girl showed through her social networks the tremendous birthday party she organized for her dog Valentina.

Through her official Instagram account, Andrea shared with her followers all the party preparations, which began early in the morning of Tuesday, January 18.

“You already know that today we are celebrating. Obviously we were going to celebrate Valentina’s birthday, so we bathed Coco (her other pet) early. I’m going to do my things early, like Sebastian, so we can come in the afternoon “commented the former reality girl.

During the course of the day, San Martin He continued posting his day to day. After leaving her daughter in her math classes, the model went to a hairdresser to get ready for the valentine’s party. Once he got home, he bragged decoration he made for his smug.

“I already put all the snacks. Look at the decoration, super cute, personalized for Valentina. She came to me with this beautiful cake, look at her pancake. It’s all super cute. The snacks are with his face, and the boxes of surprises too. everything is very nicecommented the former reality girl with great enthusiasm.

After a couple of hours, Andrea posted how they sang to her “Happy Birthday” to his dog. All this in the company of your partner Sebastian Lizarzaburu and her two daughters, who applauded at all times for Valentina’s saint.

Like your little ones Andrea San Martin she is a great lover of animals, so she owns two cats, Kiki and Coco, and a dog named Valentina.

Andrea San Martín shows the birthday party she organized for her dog Valentina.


On January 7, Peruvians were surprised by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake with an epicenter in Lima. Andrea San Martin showed the footage from your security camera, where you can see your pets frightened by the telluric movement.

“Valentina has a fresh time. He doesn’t curl up, he just accompanies me and looks at me to decide what to do. Kiki and Coco at the touch find a place to hide, I just make sure they don’t leave the house “, he indicated in his stories.


As usual, Andrea San Martin He usually shares his day to day on his social networks, mainly on Instagram. However, you will no longer be able to do this via Facebook, as your account has been hacked.

“They’ve kept posting some stuff there on Facebook and stuff, but I wanted to let you know that my Facebook got hacked. I did not tell you before because it happened on different occasions, as these people are trying to do it over and over again. I imagine that they are investing well to be able to harm me, but not”, He commented on his platform.

In addition, the influencer pointed out that this happened just on specific dates: December 24 and 31. The hackers entered her account and reported her as deceased so that her Facebook would be disabled.

“On December 24 they reported me as deceased and they took away my Facebook, I did the things I had to do to tell the company that I was still alive. That day they hacked my Facebook, my personal email, absolutely everything (…) Then they hacked me again on December 31 to, I don’t know, spoil the holiday date “, he added.

On the other hand, Andrea San Martin He maintained that the people who took away his Facebook account committed a criminal offense, but in the same way he does not want to recover it, because he feels that there is a lot of bad vibes in said social network.

Andrea San Martín lamented that they try to harm her by taking away the tools with which she works. She said that her Facebook account was hacked.


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