AMLO requested not to politicize controversy of Samuel García and Mariana Rodríguez for “adopting” a baby

AMLO requested not to politicize controversy of Samuel García and Mariana Rodríguez for “adopting” a baby

These last days, Samuel Garcia, governor of New Lion, Y Mariana Rodriguez, influence and García’s wife, have been the target of bitter criticism after adopt” To a baby for a week end.

Although the act already placed them in the crosshairs of two institutions for “violating the rights” of the minor, the president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), he only limited himself to urging not politicize The controversy, then, he declared, is a matter that remains in the hands of the citizens.

“That has to do with the decision of the citizens, of the people. There should be no political purposes.”

In this vein, the president affirmed that the Federal Government “you’re not going to fight” for the controversy, for which he assured that everyone is free to issue their judgment; not without first taking the opportunity to highlight “the real change” in the mentality of society – possibly derived from this case.

“We should feel proud. Before there was no controversy, ”he declared in his morning conference.

(Photo: Instagram/@samuelgarcias)

On January 15, Rodríguez Cantú documented on social media her experience, together with that of her husband, Samuel García, after having requested a special permission to pass a weekend with a minor in the center DIFF Cocoons.

This declared the influence, derived from link that he forged with one of the little ones named Emilio, a baby who suffers from schizencephaly open right lip, one umbilical hernia and history of crisis.

The act earned the couple a series of strong criticisms on the platforms where various Internet users pointed them out “opportunistic” and “miserable” for doing this act in the supposed search for political popularity.

After the digital noise that caused the situation, the NGO Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico (REDIM) expressed “deep concern” for the act of the governor and the first lady: they highlighted that the baby had a “excessive and unnecessary” exposure in reference to the stories and photographs published by Mariana.

“This baby is under the legal responsibility of the local DIF and precisely for this reason it cannot be exposed in any way, since it is re-victimized.”

(Photo: screenshot/Instagram)
(Photo: screenshot/Instagram)

Also, the State Human Rights Commission (CEDH) from Nuevo Leon filed an ex officio complaint against Samuel Garcia and Mariana Rodriguez.

Through his social networks, the local body assured that this resource will be for know details of the procedure applied by the state agency to issue the temporary adoption permit. Likewise, it demanded to guarantee the right to intimacy and the protection of personal data of minors in the DIF.

Meanwhile, the National System for Integrated Family Development (SNDIF) reported that the case is being reviewed, for which the appropriate measures will be determined.

The government institution indicated that, since last January 15, the Federal Attorney for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (PFPNNA) requested information, from its headquarters in Nuevo León, about “the alleged adoption process for a weekend” or any justification for the child to remain in the care of the couple.

In addition, he indicated that having shared a video with the face of the five-month-old child on social networks, having revealed his name and the health problems he faces, was incurred incurred in “a clear violation of rights” to privacy and protection of personal data.


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