AEX price: the index increases 0.37% in the session of January 19

bullish session for the AEX, which ended on Wednesday, January 19, with slight increases in 0,37%, until the 772.56 points. The AEX scored a maximum of 779.94 points and the minimum number of 761.84 points. The trading range for AEX between its highest point and its lowest point (maximum-minimum) during this day stood at 2,32%.

If we consider the data of the last seven days, the AEX accumulates a decrease in 2,26%; on the contrary, in the last year it still accumulates a rise in 19,04%. The AEX stands a 3,94% below its maximum this year (804.28 points) and a 0,37% above its minimum valuation so far this year (769.70 points).

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