Tracy Freundt and Thalía Estabridis confirm their return to ‘Habacilar’ with this video

Thalía Estabridis and Tracy Freundt confirm their return to Habacilar. (Photo: Instagram)

Through their Instagram account, Tracy Freundt and Thalía Estabridis would confirm their return to Habacilar. The remembered models of the Raúl Romero space made a series of publications on their social networks that would suggest this.

In addition, the producer Peter Fajardo tagged them in a video where a song by Raúl Romero is heard, ‘The ducks and the legs, while several images of the remembered production pass by.

As it is recalled, the popular Cara de Haba ruled out his return to TV because he was focused on his musical career, however, this new proposal would have the presence of Tracy Freundt and Thalía Estabridis, who were in charge of making their respective publication in your Instagram account. In addition to sharing Peter Fajardo’s video in his story.

This return has generated a lot of expectation in the fans of Habacilar, who did not hesitate to make a trend on Twitter after the first preview of this project was published. And although many were excited remembering those times, others raised their voices of protest, pointing out that Habacilar without Raúl Romero was not Habacilar.

While Thalía shared the video of Peter Fajardo, in addition to another audiovisual where she is seen sharing a secret with Tracy, her partner did the same by posting two photos, one of the channel’s studio and another of her posing very happily.

Thalía Estabridis made these publications on her social network.  (Photo: Instagram)
Thalía Estabridis made these publications on her social network. (Photo: Instagram)


Habacilar returns this 2022 after having issued its last edition 11 years ago. As part of its long-awaited return to Peruvian screens, América Televisión launched a new spot for the well-remembered game show Raul Romero.

In this new trailer, ‘Margaracha’ toured the main streets of Lima to announce to passersby that Habacilar is back this year to everyone’s surprise. “Are you serious?”, “So many years? I want to see it now”were some of the reactions.

The public also answered what they missed the most about the program, which games were their favorites and if they would be willing to participate in the new Habacilar season. It was between these questions that ‘Margaracha’ appeared in front of cameras for a few moments.

Although it did not appear Raul Romero in the new spot, the driver’s voice was heard singing “The kid”, the anthem of the ‘pitucos del balcony’ that used to be sung by him and Roger of the Eagle.

América TV presented a new spot for Habacilar, a program that returns this year.


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