They arrested a painter in Russia for a sculpture that simulates excrement near a monument

“An investigation was opened for grievances towards the dead and their burial site”

One russian painter was arrested for creating a sculpture in the shape and colors of giant excrement in the heart of St. Petersburg (northwestern Russia), near a commemorative monument, the police and the media of the former imperial capital reported on Monday.

A resident of Moscow, born in 1992, was “arrested for alleged desecration in St. Petersburg,” he told the agency. AFP a local police spokesman. “An investigation was opened for grievances towards the dead and their burial site,” precise.

This crime is punishable in Russia with up to five years in prison. According to the news site it would be about Ivan Volkov, a Moscow painter who last week erected a 5 meter long snow sculpture, painted it brown and created a yellow puddle around it, in the Field of Mars, a central square in St. Petersburg, which houses in particular the graves of victims of the Revolution of 1917.

Later, he posted photos of the installation on his Facebook and Instagram pages, whose captions read “Poop”, according to the same source.

This Monday night, the photos of yore They had already been removed from both social networks.

In December a 19-year-old Russian blogger was sentenced in Moscow to four years in prison for “insult memory” of a World War II veteran, after urinating on his portrait.

In power for more than 20 years, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has made patriotic values ​​a priority of his mandate, which is why both the desecration of graves and memorials and insults to war veterans are severely punished in this country.

(With information from AFP)

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