The woman accused of killing her two-year-old baby is being investigated today: the boy has no visible injuries

Milo Derto Guerrero, the victim.

this afternoon, Paula Yasmina Guerrero, the woman from Parque Patricios accused of killing Milo Derto, her own son, will be investigated by Justice. He will face the judge in the case, Alejandra Provitola, as confirmed by sources with access to the file at Infobae.

However, the imputation is still defined. Provitola was waiting earlier this morning for the autopsy report on Milo’s body. According to what the magistrate knew, the body did not present injuries visible to the naked eye, such as in the case of Ana Fabro, the three-month-old baby allegedly strangled by his grandmother in Ingeniero Budge last Saturday, with signs detected with the naked eye and certified by a medical examiner. An informal comment reached the ears of the judge that Provitola tries to determine at this time: that Milo would have had a basic pathology, supposedly cardiac.

Thus, the judge works to define the accusation against Paula Yasmina and the qualification of the case.


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