“The only person who was interested in being the heir to all the fortune that Mauricio Leal held was Jhonier”: prosecutor of the case

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During the charges hearing, held in the Paloquemao courts, the prosecutor in the case, Mario Andrés Burgos, maintained that Jhonier Leal González was the cause of the deaths of his brother Mauricio, and his mother, Marleny Hernández Tabares. .

In the middle of his speech, the delegate affirmed, in the first instance, forceful details and, for that reason, chilling. First, he explained that the crime scene was modified by the also stylist; In fact, and contrary to what the person involved said in several interviews when stating that he entered through a window to help his relatives, it was shown that no window or door of the room where the crime occurred was violated.

“The only person who had the keys -of the apartment where the events occurred-, apart from Marleny and Mauricio, was Mr. Jhonier Leal Hernández,” Burgos said. In that order, he ruled out that the driver of the deceased stylist had access to the house; that is to say, that he did not carry keys.

The notes where Jhonier would have simulated his brother’s voice

On the day of the events, between 7 and 8:15 in the morning, several employees who worked for Mauricio made calls to his cell phone, to the surprise that he did not answer them. In addition, several audios were sent from his phone in the previous hours where the message “Forgive me, I love you; forgive me, I love you”.

These voice notes were analyzed, showing as a result that “Indeed, that voice is not that of Mauricio Leal Hernández”, according to the prosecutor. He also stated that the only person who could send those messages was Jhonier, who was accompanying his brother.

“The last person who saw Marleny Hernández and Mauricio Leal alive was Jhonier”: prosecutor of the case

At the hearing, Burgos described the modus operandi of the person involved, stressing that “Jhonier had enough time to modify the scene.” In addition, he pointed out that several sheets were changed and that several covers were missing from the bed that was part of the crime scene.

“Jointly -Jhonier- lowers, with cold blood, his mother’s body to accommodate her in Mauricio’s bed, with the misfortune that a drop of Marleny Hernández Tabares’s blood remained between the stairs. He did not manage to clean them, or well, he missed it”, narrated the prosecutor. This fact, according to the delegate, is added to the fact that Leal, apparently, would have changed the order in which one of the cell phones found at the scene was left.

He also maintained that in the room where the bodies were found, a towel stained with Hernández Tabares’s blood was found, and after being subjected to forensic analysis, other remains were found. “with kinship ties different from those of Mauritius”, leaving Jhonier as the main suspect.

He even specified that after the expert opinion another incident was found that attracted attention: on the terrace of the building was the rag with signs of manipulation, and next to it, several cleaning products, which are kept by the people in charge of the cleaning of the place in the laundry room.

“To modify the scene, Jhonier Leal used gloves to be difficult to detect (…) he changed the sheets and covers, some are no longer in the house”Burgos also contributed.

In the middle of his speech, he also asserted that, “The only person who was interested in being the heir to the entire fortune that Mauricio Leal held was Jhonier”, arguing that for this purpose he appointed the legal representative of the company Mauricio Leal Peluquería SAS and, with to that end, withdraw the money corresponding to the company even when the estate succession process had not been completed.


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