Stadtwerk am See is preparing the network for hydrogen

In the coming week, the municipal utility will distribute around 90 pressure measuring devices throughout the municipal utility network between Überlingen and Friedrichshafen and measure the gas flows and pressure conditions for a week.

Prepare for the future

The technicians at the municipal utility are examining what the municipal utility still has to do in order to be able to feed hydrogen into the gas network in the future. “Hydrogen will play an important role in our energy mix – maybe not tomorrow, but in the foreseeable future,” says Tim Pfeifer, network engineer gas and water at the municipal utility. “We want our network to be ready and are therefore already active. Then we can take the necessary measures for a gradual admixture of hydrogen over the next few years.” This could be, for example, the conversion of individual gas pressure control systems and the increase in transport capacities in the gas network. (amo)

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