Shim Sang-jung returns after 5 days “I will ask the public for confidence again”

▲ Justice Party presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung enters the conference room to hold a press conference at the National Assembly on the afternoon of the 17th.

After completing ‘time for reflection’, Justice Party presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung returned to the election campaign, saying, “I will ask the people for confidence again.” It has been five days since the schedule was suddenly suspended on the evening of the 12th. Candidate Shim held a press conference at the National Assembly on the afternoon of the 17th and said, “I am sorry for causing concern to the people with the sudden suspension of the election campaign.”

“The values ​​and principles of progressive politics are shaken… I admit my mistake.”
“Fulfilling the last mission for the next generation without blaming others”

Candidate Shim said that the suspension of the presidential election was not simply due to approval ratings. “During the election campaign, I felt that the hearts of the citizens that the Justice Party and I had to fight against were far away.” It is said that it was necessary to take time to reflect on why it did not win the hearts of citizens and where to start to change.

He said, “The people (with me and the Justice Party) did not sympathize with whether progressive politics is fulfilling its roles and responsibilities properly, and whether it is urgently needed as inequality is deepening and citizens’ lives are difficult,” he said. He then apologized, saying, “The values ​​and principles of progressive politics have been greatly shaken.” He spoke about the failure of the electoral system reform before the last general election. Candidate Shim said, “I could feel that the hearts and faith of the (disappointed) people have not yet returned.”

“I won’t blame anyone,” he said. “I won’t say it’s just because of the tyranny of two big parties,” he said. He also emphasized the ‘path of progress’. Candidate Shim said, “No matter how hard and difficult it may be, I will never give up.

A new resolution was also made. He promised, “I will not blame others for difficult situations, I will not flinch in approval ratings, and I will not avoid it even if it is difficult and difficult.

He described this as ‘the spirit of the times’. Candidate Shim emphasized, “The reality is that labor, women, and the climate crisis are not called out in the presidential election or are being attacked and neglected.

“I will publicize the agenda taboo in Progressive”
Suggestion of slim predecessor reorganization “more clearly and desperately”

He said, “We should have discussed it earlier, but I will open up an agenda that has been taboo like the sanctuary of progress,” he said. “I will hold a presidential election to restore the common values ​​of our society that can be universally sympathized with beyond the camp,” he said.

When asked what is a ‘taboo’, Candidate Shim argued that “progress has vested interests” and “There are factors that prevent solidarity between large corporations and SMEs, regular and non-regular workers, including extension of the retirement age.” “I am the person who has the most specific plan for pension reform,” he said.

Regarding the failure of the progressive camp to unify the candidates, he said, “It was reported that the discussions that had been carried out by the party led by the party were reported to have been completed.” he emphasized.

The reorganized election committee will be announced on the 18th. Candidate Shim explained, “I will conduct the election campaign with a clearer, more urgent, honest, humble and dignified tone. He continued, “The party’s official predecessor has been disbanded. We will go ahead with a slim structure focusing on execution.” In addition, he said, “I do not consider it” to the question of recruiting outside personnel.

Regarding the two-party candidate’s bilateral TV debate, he criticized, saying, “It is a riot that destroys diversity and pluralism in democracy.”

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