Scandal in Santiago del Estero: two women died from COVID-19 and the sanatorium delivered a body to the wrong family

Sanatorium of Santiago del Estero delivered a wrong body to a family.

Two families from Santiago del Estero are victims of negligence at the New Santiago Sanatorium, located on Belgrano Avenue in the capital city, because the health center They delivered the wrong body.

“-This Sunday- Yesterday they called us from the sanatorium saying that my grandmother passed away at 12 noon. We have arrived here at 1 in the afternoon, we have said that we did not have a drawer or service of anything to be able to take it, that if we could come to look for it today, Monday. When we got everything, we came with those from the morgue to look for my grandmother, and the body was never here “, recounted one of the granddaughters of the deceased lady, according to the newspaper Panorama.

Faced with the desperate situation and as the body “did not appear anywhere”, members of the Vallejos family went to the police station so that the troops could approach the place and verify if indeed the body of their grandmother was not there. It was at that moment that they discovered that the remains had been delivered the day before to the Frías family, and that they had buried her in San Marcos believing that it was her mother, who had also died on Sunday.

“You cannot remove a body without the authorization of a family member,” the woman claimed, deeply hurt by what she and her family have to live through. And he completed: “They died of COVID, like the other lady -from the Frías family-. They have made body confusion”, stressed the woman.

The Vallejos family managed to speak with a worker at the sanatorium, who explained that “The morgue came, took them directly to bury them and there was no wake or anything.”

A member of the Frías family complains about the disappearance of her grandmother’s body in a sanatorium in Santiago del Estero.

Members of the Frías family also protested against the actions of the authorities of the New Santiago Sanatorium, and confirmed that they they received a body that was not their mother’s.

“We removed a person who was not my mother, so I don’t know where the mistake is: in them or in the company. Because they cannot hand over a person who is not our family member, “complained the son of Mrs. Frías, in dialogue with the news N7.

Visibly outraged by what happened, the man said that the body received was buried in the San Marcos cemetery, and only a day later the wake company contacted the family to say that the body “was wrong.”

“It cannot be such a situation, they made us dig and we thought we were burying our mother, now the sanatorium is not in charge, this is a joke,” said Inés Frías, daughter of one of the deceased women.

In claim for this confusing episode, members of the Frías and Vallejos families cut off the street and burned tires in front of the New Santiago Sanatorium, in search of immediate answers for what happened.

“A shame the truth as now they come to say that the grandmother died today when yesterday we were all sick because of her departure, we need an explanation why this happened,” published Agustín Florenciano, son-in-law of one of the deceased women, on his Facebook account.


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